Return to Normal

After leaving Hero High via the flying school bus, Zach and Sharona got off and walked home. Sharona was in good spirits these days since Zach accepted her true feelings for him. It had been a long and crazy adventure together.

Sharona grew up with her single father, Dr. Malachi Orpheus, who is a strange mystic. Sharona' mother Cordelia left when she was young and moved to a mystic realm for witches and dated the Hell Rider, who Dr. Orpheus hates with a passion. Now and then Sharona talked to her through a magic mirror, but their relationships is very weak since Cordelia is very petty and hates her ex husband Dr. Orpheus. From the stress of the broken family, ties to the mystic world and being the weird kid in class, Sharona developed a very domineering personality. It was the only way she was able to control her emotions in order to prevent loosing control of her powers.

Dr. Orpheus's speeches are filled with overly dramatic phrases, delivered in a theatrically grandiose voice with extreme emphasis on mundane topics, usually over a background of ominous trumpet-laden music, implying the pun, "Dr. Obvious". Despite her fathers dramatics, Sharona is very resourceful and formed a bond with her lifetime friend Zach Bell who became her only childhood friend since others kids found her to weird. After over ten years of friendship with Zach and insane power training with her father, Sharona was eager to get high school over with since it will interfere with her collection of cute plushy dolls. Zach was practically raised by Dr. Orpheus and Sharona since his father, Dan Jansen aka Disco Flash was dedicated to fighting crime and womanizing. Sadly as Zach had made progress with his father the world was attacked by the Alien race called the Shy'N and many heroes and villains died defeating them including Zach's dad. In a an odd turn of events Zach gained a new power besides his Illumination power that allows him to glow in the dark.

After being rescued by Nikslitslepmur, Zach was granted the power of "Divine Cancellation" and it has the ability to negates all powers regardless of origin by touch. However it can not be turned on or off. The effects are not permanent on biological life forms since most powers work like stamina or mana. However it will negate any relics he touches with his right hand. It also cancels out his right arm from glowing and any good luck might have. Using this new power, Zach was able to defeat the head alien Shy'N at the cost of his memory of his entire past.

Sharona and his friends worked hard with the staff at Hero High to restore Zach's memory as best as they could but he was still missing memories he could never get back. Many of his memories of his youth were copies of Sharona's memory. After six months of intense therapy Zach was now able to do his school work and return to his normal life for the best part. Sharona found herself working hard to get Zach to fall for her charms all over again and was rewarded when he returned her feelings, despite Dr. Orpheus interfering along with some nasty villains.

After arriving home Zach and Sharona put up their school bags and Zach put on his apron to get dinner started. Since he had been living with Sharona in the guest bedroom he made it a point to pull his weight by cooking and cleaning. Even though Dr. Orpheus was against it, Sharona refused to let Zach live alone after all he had been through.

Zach: Hey Shar is your dad coming home today?

Shar: Naaww! Dad is with Starlight and Al again. He said something about stopping the Hell Spawn from causing chaos again. Why?

Zach: Just curious how to prepared his food and desert.

Shar: What are we having?

Zach: The Appetizer is a shrimp cocktail. The main course is cranberry-caper relish steak and sautéed cauliflower with caper relish. Then I am making mini parfaits for desert with cappuccino. Will that be good?

Shar: And that is why you will make a good wife.

Zach: Not cool Shar. Lots of guys can cook these days.

Sharona: And clean and sew right?

Zach: Okay I get the point, but you never complained when I did that stuff for you.

Sharona: Of course not you dolt. Its your job to keep me happy as my future wife.

Zach: I am just glad you aren't a spoiled demanding Princess or I would be in trouble huh?

Sharona: Lucky you huh?

Sharona walked in with a naughty look in her eyes.

Zach: No free samples.

Shar: Meany.

Zach was cooking like a pro as he talked to Sharona who was leaning on the corner of the wall just outside the kitchen. She knew better than to enter while Zach was cooking after many mishaps.

Zach: So any ideas for that science project Professor Campo assigned us?

Shar: Meh. I was thinking we can make a storage pouch.

Zach: Pouch?

Shar: You know like in those RPG games you like so much. The ones that can hold a bunch of stuff in it. What do you think?

Zach: Do we have everything needed to make something like that? Sounds complicated and do keep in mind I don't have any knowledge that advanced.

Shar: I know, but I made them with daddy all the time and we have lots of materials in his office.

Zach: Just be careful okay?

Shar: Yeah yeah. We will make a small one since you worry to much like a nagging wife.

Zach chuckled as he was chopping and mixing ingredients. He was very focused and remembered as many techniques as he could by memorizing the cooking channel. He aspired to be as good as Bobby Flay one day.

Zach: Just get your dad's permission this time. The last thing we need is cursed materials again.

Shar: That was a freak accident.

Zach: I know and I almost lost you so humor me okay?

Shar felt the pain of guilt from Zach's glare so she rolled up her pride and eyes as she replied with a sigh.

Shar: Fine!

Shar left the kitchen and went into the living room to activate a crystal ball and then waited impatiently.

Voice from Ball: Hello and welcome to "Spook Signals". How may I connect your call?

Shar: Connect me to Dr. Orpheus.

Voice from Ball: Very well then and thank you for using "Spook Signals".

Shar: Rolled her eyes up as the ball began ringing for a good while till Dr. Orpheus answered it.

Dr. Orpheus: Yes sweetheart? Is something wrong?

Shar: Sorry to bug you daddy. Are you busy?

Dr. Orpheus: Well we are fighting Cthulhu and his minions so Daddy needs to concentrate.

Shar: Okay I'll make it quick. We need to do a science project for school and I want to make Pouch of Holding. Its that okay?

Dr. Orpheus: Of course darling. You can use Daddy's lab for that but don't use the green dragon hide. I haven't finished taking out the poison yet.

Shar: What should I use then?

Dr. Orpheus: Ummm…. DAMN MINIONS! YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU CROSSED PATHS WITH Dr. Orpheus! Any way darling use the red silk material from the fire silk worms. Its easy to work with and very durable.

Shar: Thanks daddy and good luck.

Dr. Orpheus: Of course darling and study well. Daddy loves you.

Dr. Orpheus went back to fighting the Hell Spawn while Sharona went into her father's room to gather up the materials she needed to make the Pouch of Holding later on. Then she enjoyed the three course meal Zach made before they got to work on their science project.


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