Super Hero Shrodinger, Enter Stage Right

"Mother, this is absolutely unnecessary! They're pro-heroes, they've got this covered!"

Vermillo sat frowning in his black and gold hero suit as his mother combed his hair vigorously.

"You say that as if you don't belong aside them, dear. You know that at your age you ought to be among the greats already! Because you have been so lackluster in your training, you will arrive to save the day and impress those heroes. Ah, what better entrance for my Vermillo than to save the pro heroes tail on his first day!"

Vermillo sighed as she spoke on and on about how great of a hero he would be. In all honesty, Vermillo wanted nothing more than to go one day without hearing about super hero this and and super hero that! He was only glad his father wasn't here, or else it would be more of the same ×2. Luckily he was busy at work and wouldn't be back until late that night.

"Look at my darling Vermillo, so strapping and handsome, now off you go! And remember what we rehearsed! Lo and-"

"Right right, lo and behold, a true hero has arrived, yadayada."

"I'm serious Vermillo, you'd better say it all! There's nothing more professional than a hero with a well thought out intro! But enough talking, it's time."

With that, Vermillo's mom leaned over and gave her son a kiss on the cheek before covering her eyes. You see, Vermillo's power was a unique one. As long as he wasn't being observed or sensed in some way by anyone, he could be where he was last and anywhere else at once. If seen at the new location first, that was where he'd be. As such, Vermillo found himself standing before a horde of hellspawn, bow in hand, and when his Mother opened her eyes, her darling boy wonder would be nowhere to be seen.

Vermillo stood at the city square amongst and absolute battlefield. He could see the pro hero Dr. Strange Fate casting magic to dispel the demon horde. In the distance was The Slayer, yet another pro hero who was flawlessly cleaving and slicing the hellspawn with his twin blades. Lastly was The Flaming Friar whose holy abilities would likely give him an edge in this particular fight.

Vermillo knew each of their traits and abilities well, as his mother insisted that as a rising pro hero, he should be well educated in the powers and traits of other pro heroes. While he was reluctant in studying heroes like this, they were the Order of the Triad, a monumental hero group, and generally the city's strongest line of defense, so of course he'd know more about them than anyone else.

The three handled business, so much so that Vermillo felt absolutely stupid for even being here, but if he didn't so much as make the news, his parents were going to let him have it. Vermillo breathed in and out, channeling the persona he had built up as Shrodinger. With a heroic glare and a beaming smile, the hero charged forth, bow ready and holy water dipped arrows in his quiver.

"Lo and behold!" He bellowed, getting the attention of just about everyone within the block.

"A true hero has arrived! For it is I, Shrodinger!"

Well aware of the functions of his power, Shrodinger fired a black arrow at the ground with a device attached to the end. The device made a POP sound on impact, and thick white smoke fumed out in every direction. Demons charged as Shrodinger's did much to divide what was left of the hoard. They sliced and slashed at the smoke to no avail, unbekowst to them, Shrodinger was now on a roof, and proceeded to lay down a hail of holy arrows as fast as he could fire them. He frowned slightly when he missed a shot, but otherwise didn't miss a beat. A nearby news reporter was recording the incident, documenting at first another evil thwarted by the Order of the Triad, however soon upon Shrodinger's arrival, cameras were all on him. He was new, he was different, and most importantly, he wasn't some old guy pushing 50.

Shrodinger zipped across the place with the vigor of a pro, appearing suddenly behind an overturned truck to unleash a hail of arrows, then a rooftop, then out of a window across the street, he looked like a scooby-doo character, poking his head from one place to the next to the next with unreal speed, the cameras could hardly keep up with him!

Soon the threat was quelled, and while The Flaming Friar utilized his tried and true holy spells to close the portal to hell that the hellspawn had entered from, Shrodinger was swarmed by reporters wanting to know about all about him, and the Triad were left emptyhanded.

"I'm sorry but the function of my power is top secret, just know that I, Shrodinger, will always be there to stop evil wherever it may arise!"

A older reporter, one who seemed eternally grumpy, walked forth and held out his microphone.

"You seem a bit young to be a superhero, in fact, have you even received your provisional hero license yet?"

Shrodinger paused for the slightest of seconds, his seemingly impeccable composition cracked.

"Uh, of course! Why else would I be- here?!"

The man didn't seem to buy it.

"Good, because if not what you're doing is vigilantism, which is illegal in this city. You knew that, right?"

Shrodinger let out a sigh, not his smile but his nerve wavering.

"Well, It's time for me to go, stay safe all!"

"Wait, we have more-"

It was too late, Shrodinger had stolen the show, and in a puff of white smoke, he was gone without a trace.

Standing on top of a building far enough away not to be seen, he fell on his butt, absolutely exhausted. He could only use his ability for so long, and this battle had absolutely worn him out. Visibly spent, Vermillio went to wipe sweat from his lip, only to see a crimson liquid dripping from his finger.

"That's...never happened before. I guess I pushed myself too hard."

Vermillo hoped that was all there was to it, and preceded to strip and switch into his street clothes. He could have used his power to get back home in a snap but opted instead to walk.

"That's it, no more supering this week, preferably until I get that license, but Mother and Father will likely make me go out anyway for publicity. Oh, how I hate being sold..."

Vermillo grumbled as he finally arrived at the first floor and exited the building. Clutching his backpack which contained his outfit, Vermillo looked like nothing more than an average student on his way home after a healthy dose of after school studying. His superhero outfit included a robin-esque mask, so hopefully, no one would be able to make him out as the mysterious hero who showed out at the city center today. Vermillo looked up, managing to find a bit of happiness in the beautiful clear sky.

"Now for the trek back home..."

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