La La Land

Shrodinger zipped across the place with the vigor of a pro, appearing suddenly behind an overturned truck to unleash a hail of arrows, then a rooftop, then out of a window across the street, he looked like a scooby-doo character, poking his head from one place to the next to the next with unreal speed, the cameras could hardly keep up with him!
Soon the threat was quelled, and while The Flaming Friar utilized his tried and true holy spells to close the portal to hell that the hellspawn had entered from, Shrodinger was swarmed by reporters wanting to know about all about him, and the Triad were left emptyhanded.
"I'm sorry but the function of my power is top secret, just know that I, Shrodinger, will always be there to stop evil wherever it may arise!"
A older reporter, one who seemed eternally grumpy, walked forth and held out his microphone.
"You seem a bit young to be a superhero, in fact, have you even received your provisional hero license yet?"
Shrodinger paused for the slightest of seconds, his seemingly impeccable composition cracked.
"Uh, of course! Why else would I be- here?!"

While the reporters converged onto Vermillo, The Triad of Dr. O, Starlight and Al agreed to open a portal and finish off the Monster Boss who escaped back to his dimension. As the portal was closing nearby people could hear a monster voice scream.


Then the portal closed as the Triad gave the giant squid monster a proper thrashing.


Meanwhile Zach had just finished up sewing the pouch made from Fire Silk worms. To avoid removing the magic in the material, Zach had to use tweezers to hold the material still as he sewed it with one arm. Once he was done he put it down and spoke up to Sharona.

Zach: Okay Shar it all sewed up and I didn't touch it with my left arm so it should be in tact.

Shar: Lemme see.

Sharona grabbed the bag and inspected it till she approved and smirked as she shook her head.

Zach: What? Did I miss something?

Shar: No its perfect. It kinda pisses me off you can sew better than me using only one arm and some tweezers.

Zach: You're welcome.

Shar: Well since you did you part this well I can't be shown up.

Zach: Good cause our grade is on the line. We got lucky Professor Campo let us be lab partners again this year.

Shar: He just felt sorry for since you got brain damage.

Zach: Ouch Shar! Kinda harsh.

Shar: Don't sweat it babe, I still love ya.

Zach: I know but you don't have to be so harsh all the time.

Shar: Force of habit.....sorry. I'll let you peek on me in the shower for a whole two seconds.

Zach: No that's okay.

Shar: You don't want to peek on me?

Shar was shocked and hurt.

Zach: I do but your dad threatened to remove my eyes if he caught me again. I'll just have to wait till we are married.

Shar cackled a bit as she saw Zach turn red.

Shar: I'm sorry Zacky-poo. I'll cut back on the teasing since you must be at your limit.

Zach: Thanks Shar.

As Zach watched from a distance, Sharona began casting a routine spell using the pouch Zach sewed. The Spell was flashy and colorful and in the end it turned into a black bead that Sharona caught in the pouch. Then she finished the spell so the black bead turned into smoke inside the bag and eventually bonded with the bag to turn it into a Pouch of Holding. The spell took a few hours to finish and then Shar tested it with a few items around the house before she put it in her school bag.

Since it was getting late they took turns taking a shower and watched some television before going to bed in separate rooms. Zach had to be careful touching anyone with his left arm directly so he always covered it up in a special sleeve with gloves to help negate his power cancelation power. Seeing as it was getting late and Dr. O was not home yet, Zach had premade meals that Dr. O just had to warm up when he got home.

As Zach went to sleep his mind wandered to a distant world with animated mushrooms, dancing bugs and a strange little man named Nikslitslepmur.


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