Drama Man

Since it was getting late they took turns taking a shower and watched some television before going to bed in separate rooms. Zach had to be careful touching anyone with his left arm directly so he always covered it up in a special sleeve with gloves to help negate his power cancelation power. Seeing as it was getting late and Dr. O was not home yet, Zach had premade meals that Dr. O just had to warm up when he got home.

It was fairly late, around 11 pm and the phone at the Orpheus' residence began to ring. It rang a few time stopped and a few moments later it began again.

At this time a portal opened up and Dr. O floated out looking a bit ragged from his fight. He was followed by his partners Al Chemist and Jefferson Starlight (Vampire Humter), who were looking a bit worse for the wear.

Dr. O: Come in Gentlemen and have a seat whilst I procure sustenance from they fridge!

Al: He is such a drama King.

Jefferson: Yeah, my back is killing me.

Al: Who in the world is calling at this hour?

Jefferson: Dunno. See who it is before Dr. O flips out.

Al picked up the phone and listened quietly.

It kept ringing and ringing. Waiting for someone to pick up.

Eventually when the phone was answered the sound on the other end was at first the sound of a fussy baby. "Shhh." a female voice on the other end said before realizing that the line had been picked up. "Hello?" she said, her voice sounding slightly familiar to Dr. Orpheus. Motherly but somewhat dull witted. "Umm... I'm sorry to call so late Malachi but did Zachary decide to stay the night?" she questioned worriedly. "I've not heard from him in some time...and I am beginning to worry." she added.

Al: Uhhh sorry Miss I'll let him know. Hold please.

Al put the phone down and headed towards the kitchen.

Jefferson: Who is it?

Al: Some lady with a baby.

Jefferson: You don't think it's Dr. O's do you?

Al: Oh Snap! Wouldn't that be hot topic. Lets wait and see.

Al made his way to the kitchen to see Dr. O getting ready to warm up the pre made meals Zach prepared already.

Al: I'll take care of these since you have a phone call.

Dr. O: What? At this ungodly hour? It best not be a telemarketer again or there will be hell to pay!

Dr. O floated towards the phone while Al warmed up the fancy meals Zach made for them. Dr. O then picked up the phone and cleared his throat.

Dr. O: This is Dr. Orpheus mystical necromancer extraordinaire with a bachelor's degree in communications from a community college (with a minor in women's studies), and a doctorate from "a higher power than a mere college professor"! To whom am I conversing with at this untimely hour of the night? If thy be a telemarketer, thy life shall be forfeit for calling past the 9 o clock hour! So speak-ith thy name and await thy judgement!

Just then Al cam in the living room with the warmed up food and set it on the table.

Al: Dinners ready. Boy I must admit that Zach is a wizard in the kitchen.

Jeff: Yeah his food keeps me going on days like this. Maybe he can open a restaurant when he gets older.

Al: Great idea after he marries little Shar.

Jeff: If only our fearless leader wouldn't get in their way.

Dr. O: I heard that.


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