Twilight Phone Part 2

Liberty let out a sigh. "Long winded introduction as ever. You've added a few." she commented, before making whispering cooing hushing sounds to the baby with her. "I know it's very late, but I just wanted to see if Zachary is staying there for the night. I'm just wanting to know so he won't be pounding on the door at midnight after I've finally gotten the baby to sleep." she said.

"Oh thank you. I really should bring you some of my homemade cookies for putting up with him all the time." she joked. "Well I won't keep you on, I can tell the boys are over and you must be dealing with something to save our world..." she put on a more serious "The forces of unfathomable darkness the seek to drown our world in an inky blackness of devouring madness." Liberty paused again, "I got the right, right?"

Once she'd hung up her phone she placed the baby in their crib, and booped them on the nose. "What are we going to do with your big brother. He's going to end up a little heart breaker just like his dad."

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