Busy Day

Vermillo had arrived back home without much trouble, and he had thankfully managed to get his mysterious nosebleed under control before then.

Normally he would go through the front gate, however he didn't want his mother berating him with questions about the fight and critics on his shortcomings. Vermillo did his best to stealthily scale the ten foot mossy stone wall that surrounded the manor, he had no intention of activating his power lest his nose start running crimson again.

Finally on the other side, Vermillo landed and knocked what pieces of moss he could see stuck to his clothes. Looking back and forth, Vermillo was glad as the coast seemed clear. He darted for the back door, slowly pushing it open and turning to make sure it closed silently.

"Good evening, Master Wolfgang!"

Vermillo nearly jumped out his skin at the sudden appearance of his butler, Waggforth. If he didn't know any better, he might have thought Waggforth had a super power of his own, he was not standing there just a second ago!

"Holy Mackerel, Waggforth!"

"Missus Calloway! Master Wolfgang has arrived!"

"Aw, why'd ypu have to go and do that?! And I've told you, my name is Vermillo, don't call me Wolfgang!"

Vermillo pouted as his mother nearly dashed around the corner, showering hin with kisses at the door.

"Oh, how did it go, my darling son? Did the reporters get a good look at you?"

"Yes mother, they swarmed me after we beat up all of the bad guys."

His mother squealed, holding him in an embrace so tight that Vermillo was winded.

"That's my boy! A true Calloway, stealing the show! I cant wait to watch the news report!"


His mother released him at once, "Oh my, was that too rough?"

Pulling at his collar, Vermillo inhaled deeply. Of corse it was, but that wasn't what he was worried about.

"I've got a science project due tomorrow for Professor Campo's class and I haven't eevn started on it yet!"

"Oh, you mentioned that yesterday, didn't you? Oh it's fine, you're dad went out and bought something for you!"

Vermillo let out a breath of relief.

"Oh! Good, good, I might be able to scrap something together tonight. What did he get me?"

"Oh, nothing," His mother said, picking her nails,"Just an electro-magnetic coil gun."

Vermillo was dumbfounded, she said that as if it was no big deal.

"An electro-mag...You're not supposed to buy a science project for me!"

"Don't fret my darling son, we had it professionally made, it looks just like it was hand crafted! Besides, with time a modern prodigy like yourself would have had no problem constructing something similar, yes?"

"Yeah! sure..."

"Now come, we've hired a personal trainer to train you on operating the device, you'll be a natural by tomorrow, I'm sure of it!"

"Yeah... sure..."

Despite being absolutely winded, Vermillo proceded to train with device until he had a fine grasp of how it worked and had constructed a decent description of the same. Just about every day consisted of this near feverish regimen, once he was all done, Vermillo fought exhaustion long enough to scrape his teeth a bit with a paste covered toothbrush before finally succumbing, literally passing out on top of his bed, sleeping like a baby. With any hope, tomorrow wouldn't be nearly as busy, though he wouldn't bet on it even if he could.

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