A New Day

Liberty let out a sigh. "Long winded introduction as ever. You've added a few." she commented, before making whispering cooing hushing sounds to the baby with her. "I know it's very late, but I just wanted to see if Zachary is staying there for the night. I'm just wanting to know so he won't be pounding on the door at midnight after I've finally gotten the baby to sleep." she said.

Dr. Orpheus dropped his jaw in shock when he heard a familiar voice on the phone. It had been over a decade since he heard that voice and it felt completely out of place. It was the voice of Liberty Bell-Jansen or better known as Zach's mother. He remembered her being a hero with photokinetic constructs that possess concussive force and light generation, which explained Zach's useless glowing power.

Liberty Bell met Dan in her late 20 at a swingers bar and fell in love with the legendary lady killer known as Disco Flash aka Dan Jansen. Dan was a well known playboy and had many girlfriends on the side, which didn't set well with many heroes who believed he should live up on a higher standard of morals. Liberty Bell was however devoted to Dan and accepted his many, many, many, flaws as she kept the house clean, cooked their meals and took care of Dan's nonstop urges. She even tolerated his many trysts as she participated in some of them to keep Dan close.

However being the airhead she was, Liberty Bell did not take proper care of herself and this put a tremendous strain on her body when she had baby Zach on top of her hero work. Despite many, many, many, warnings from heroes and medical specialists she continued hero work while being pregnant so she could be useful to Dan. After Zach was born she soon discovered the strain she put on her body had finally revealed itself in the form of kidney damage. This forced her to become a stay at home mother, which was fine since she love her baby Zach very much. She was very kind and motherly though she is has a lot of unused real-estate in her head. Cooking and baking were a few of her favorite things and oddly enough Zach somehow inherited those skills.

Dr. O remembered when Dan brought Liberty Bell to his home long ago since she properly greeted him with a basket of her warm baked goods and a soft warm smile. Dan had been Dr. O's neighbor ever since he graduated from Hero High School. Dan became independently wealthy when he made an album that went to gold in a year. As a one hit wonder Dan found he could live his dream of being a hero and a womanizer. Of course all that changed after he brought Liberty Bell home.

Liberty Bell was a loving mother who was fully devoted to her son Zach and her man Dan. Unknown to many people, Liberty Bell and Dan were never officially married since Dan had commitment issues. So to humor her, Dan gave her a cheap ring and let her change her last name on her license to Jansen. It made her happy and he kept his swinging freedom. However Dan didn't want to get close to Zach as a baby so he used work as an excuse to stay away from home. So Liberty Bell was forced to raise Zach on her own despite her poor health.

Since Dr. Orpheus was also a single parent with a daughter named Sharona, who was the same age as Zach he allowed them to play together. This was the beginning of for these two childhood friends. Sadly the strain Liberty Bell put on her body continued to get worse as she hid it with her smile till the very end when collapsed watering the garden while Dr. O watched the children play. It was Dr. Orpheus who whisked her to the hospital using his magic in a very short time. As the doctors worked long and hard to save Liberty Bell, Dr. O was in the waiting room with little Sharona and Zach as he continued to leave countless messages on Dan's phone.

After a long night Dr. O got the bad news of Liberty Bell's passing away and he found himself with the choice of taking in baby Zach or giving him of to Child Services. Since Sharona was very attached to Zach, Dr. O didn't have the stones to make his cute daughter cry so he took Zach home. It was a week later that Dan showed up in the pouring rain looking like crap. After drying off and having a heart to heart over some tea with Dr. O, Dan asked Dr. O to help raise Zach since he was unqualified to be a parent. Dr. O was not pleased by this so Dan offered to pay him for his troubles and eventually the displeased Dr. O agreed as he looked down on Dan from then on.

After that Zach spent most of his life at Dr. O's place. Once Zach was in 4th grade he would spend the night at his dad's house occasionally as he cleaned up the place and did his laundry. Zach was forced to become independent at a very early age, but he never spent quality time with his father. They were more like roommates than family. Dan made sure Zach had spending money for food, clothes and other stuff, but that was the extent of their long relationship. Zach never got use to seeing strange women in his dad's house coming in at night and leaving in the morning.

Then when Zach was 16 he had a close call with a rather nasty villain and almost died, if not for the help from his close friends including Sharona. It was then that Dan realized loosing Zach was a big deal as he opened up to him for the first time. They finally had a conversation longer than one sentence and Dan apologized for his selfish acts in the past. Sadly their family breakthrough was short lived as the world was invaded by the Shy'N.

The Shy'N are rumored to be planet killers that move through space like locust looking for a new planet to devour. Between their travel times they are usually in a deep stasis.
Unknown to Earth during the attack a huge mothership is sending large amounts of meteors toward Earth and each one is filled with a Squid Smog Walker. Inside the Walkers are the light sensitive Shy'N who are reproduced in the Walkers by the thousands.

In order to save Earth the Heroes, Villains, Hero High Students and Militaries united to battle the Shy'N. It was a costly war, but in the end the Earth Forces won. The loss of life was very high and the Legendary Disco Flash aka Dan Jansen was one of the many casualties. To add insult to injury while defeating the main Boss Shy'N, with his new power canceling ability Zach was badly hurt and almost died. When he woke up he had no memory of his past or his father. Dr. O and Prof. Camp managed to continuously copy borrowed memories from Sharona, Dr. O and himself to help Zach out so he would have a clue to his identity and keep up in school. Unfortunately Zach's new power made it difficult for the copied memories to stay long so it had to be redone a lot till Zach's brain managed to remember them somewhat.

It had been almost a year later and Zach was now 17 and beginning his new life despite his memory loss. He and Sharona were closer than ever and his homemaking skills were now on a professional level. Dr. O would not admit it but Zach had grown on him as well, but he needed to be firm with Zach to keep him in check since he lack a proper family. However now Zach's dead mother seemed to be at his old home with a new baby in arms and talking to him on the phone as if nothing. Dr. O had seen a lot of strange things in the past, but this one was up on the top ten list of oddities.

Dr. O needed to investigate this matter properly before telling Zach. Sadly due to their last big fight with the Hell Spawn and their nasty boss the three members of the Order of the Triad were exhausted. So Dr. O was hesitant to use his arcane magic to investigate if this woman was who she claimed to be.

Dr. O: Ahhh….yes madam, his school bag and shoes are here by the door. I believe he and my Sharona were partaking in the act of Science for a school class project. My Sharona had called me earlier when my Order and I were expunging the Hell Spawn from that which it came. Then we proceeded to chase them down to the bowls of Hell itself and opened up a very large can of whoop @ss upon them! So yes he is here.

"Oh thank you. I really should bring you some of my homemade cookies for putting up with him all the time." she joked. "Well I won't keep you on, I can tell the boys are over and you must be dealing with something to save our world..." she put on a more serious "The forces of unfathomable darkness the seek to drown our world in an inky blackness of devouring madness." Liberty paused again, "I got the right, right?"
Once she'd hung up her phone she placed the baby in their crib, and booped him on the nose. "What are we going to do with your big brother. He's going to end up a little heart breaker just like his dad."

Dr. O hung up the phone with wide eyes as he turned to look at Al and Jeff who were enjoying their well made meal, despite having to microwave it.

Al: Well?

Jeff: Ghost from the past?

Dr. O: Indeed my dear Jefferson Starlight, indeed. It appears Zach's mother is next door and with child no less.

Al: Really? What does she want?

Dr. O: She called to check upon her son's whereabouts.

Jeff: Wait a sec......didn't she die like ten or twelve years ago?

Dr. O: Indeed my dear Jefferson Starlight, indeed.

Al: So do we need to exorcise her?

Jeff: Or stake her in the heart?

Dr. O: Perhaps, but I fear she there may be more to this mystery so I digress. As we are in a tattered state and less than our best, I suggest we check this out in the morning when she comes bearing cookies.

Al: What about Zach? Don't you think he will notice?

Dr. O: Hardly since he has no memory of her. I didn't have the heart to burden him with that memory of loss.

Jeff: Oh man! So I guess we are crashing on the couch again huh?

Dr. O: Indeed. Perhaps we will get lucky and this Liberty Bell is from and alternate universe with a similar past.

Jeff: With our luck that would be rare.

Al: Yeah our track record with this is not to great.

Dr. O: Well then my dear friends let us partake in our nourishment before resting our minds and bodies for tomorrow we will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Al: Yeah Zach's food is the bomb. He should totally run a restaurant after he graduates.

Jeff: Oh then we could get VIP treatment.

Dr. O: Hmmmmm…….only time will tell.

After eating, the three friends went to sleep knowing trouble awaited them in the morning. The next morning they were awakened to the smell of gourmet coffee, baked bread, eggs and bacon. Zach was already dressed and making breakfast in the kitchen while Sharona was making herself beautiful in her room. Though they were dead tired the members of the Order of the Triad stirred themselves awake as the wonderous smells in the kitchen got their attention. After sitting up on the couches, Al and Jeff rubbed the sleep from their eyes before taking turns washing up in the bathroom. Shortly afterwards Dr. O came out floating from his room in his usual dramatic manner as he greeted everyone.

Seeing that Zach was ready to serve breakfast, Sharona set up the plates, napkins, utensils and glasses on the dining room table. Then she helped Zach bring in the plates of food which contained, flavored rice omelets, croissants, three kinds of bacon (pork, turkey and soy), gourmet coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and condiments. There was little conversation as everyone's mind was controlled by their stomachs as they helped themselves to what they wanted. The wonderous spread that Zach laid out renourished their fatigue and gave them a positive will to face a new day.

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