Staff Meeting

Pulling at his collar, Vermillo inhaled deeply. Of corse it was, but that wasn't what he was worried about.
"I've got a science project due tomorrow for Professor Campo's class and I haven't eevn started on it yet!"
"Oh, you mentioned that yesterday, didn't you? Oh it's fine, you're dad went out and bought something for you!"
Vermillo let out a breath of relief.
"Oh! Good, good, I might be able to scrap something together tonight. What did he get me?"
"Oh, nothing," His mother said, picking her nails,"Just an electro-magnetic coil gun."
Vermillo was dumbfounded, she said that as if it was no big deal.
"An electro-mag...You're not supposed to buy a science project for me!"
"Don't fret my darling son, we had it professionally made, it looks just like it was hand crafted! Besides, with time a modern prodigy like yourself would have had no problem constructing something similar, yes?"
"Yeah! sure..."
"Now come, we've hired a personal trainer to train you on operating the device, you'll be a natural by tomorrow, I'm sure of it!"
"Yeah... sure..."
Despite being absolutely winded, Vermillo proceded to train with device until he had a fine grasp of how it worked and had constructed a decent description of the same. Just about every day consisted of this near feverish regimen, once he was all done, Vermillo fought exhaustion long enough to scrape his teeth a bit with a paste covered toothbrush before finally succumbing, literally passing out on top of his bed, sleeping like a baby. With any hope, tomorrow wouldn't be nearly as busy, though he wouldn't bet on it even if he could.

Meanwhile back at Hero High Principle Lina Carson aka Solaris was having a meeting with her staff. They went over class budgets, grades, curriculum, uniforms, resources, repairs, security and spending. Apparently they got lucky after receiving donations from the League of Heroes who had many independently wealthy members. The last few attempts to destroy the school and world was costly in many ways. Principle Carson was not to happy about their situation and missed the days when they only had to deal with school delinquents.

Carson: So as for the students being on task with your lesson plans, what your statuses?

Coach: Well as usual I have some above, below and on target depending on their powers. The nerdy students almost always struggle to keep up in my class since they don't seem to like exercise.

Carson: Okay well do what you can for them. Skip how about your classes?

Skip: Well to be honest the Hero Support classes have upped their game quite a bit after the war with the Shy'N. I even lost a few students to Campo.

Campo: Yeah same here. The kids did step up a lot since they saw the results of their past.

Skip: How is Zach doing?

Campo: Well he's not a 100% yet and his Canceling Power is uncontrollable, but he has enough implanted memories to help him recover. I gotta say his friends really stepped up to be there for him.

Dr. Lena: I also have him do regular check ups and his body seems very healthy with little scar tissue remaining.

Carson: Good to hear. That poor kid already lost to much. Higgins how are your students?

Higgins: I say the lads and lasses have improved in many ways despite being young and ignorant of the world. Much like Lady Canton's students I have some above, below and on target depending on their learning skill. Dare I say strategic math is not easy for all.

Carson: Does anyone have any projects they are working on?

Campo: I gave the kiddos a science project so we can see what they will turn in.

Carson: Aren't you worried some will turn in purchased, borrowed or stolen work again?

Campo: Of course that is always an issue, which is why they will have to explain how they made the project and what it does. Based on their responses to my sly questions I should be able to tell the liars from the rest.

Skip: What about Zach?

Campo: I pared him up with his girlfriend Sharona since they work well together and Dr. O is a stickler for the rules. Some kids found a partner while others prefer to work alone so we will wait and see.

Carson: Good. If we have any cheaters let me know so I can educate them properly. Well people I am sure you are all ready to go home to your families after a long day so that you for your hard work.

Campo: Oh and good luck on your date with the Major.

Carson turned beet red with embarrassment as she muttered in shock.

Carson: What date? We are just old friends.

Canton: Sure sure. Just enjoy your time with your "friend" over a romantic meal.

Canton was very shaky now as she could look her staff in the eye.

Canton: that will be all. Good day.

Canton quickly squired off to her office and away from her staff who were giggling.

Campo: She should be more honest with herself. Its not like its big secret.

Canton: True, but only she can come to terms with that.

Lena: I think she is so cute when she is like that. It reminds me of when I was in high school.

The staff finished their gossip and eventually went home to grade papers and enjoy some dinner.


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