Edge Of the Seat

It was around the afternoon when Liberty stepped on Dr. O's front porch. Giving it a solid knock with her foot. The only real thing she had free at the moment. She waited knowing or at least it always seemed like. No matter where Dr. O was he knew when someone knocked on his door. Another hero told her he once trapped one of those people who knock on your door to talk about a 'good book' inside a beanie baby. She knew she was safe but according to the story he was three states over, and came back just to do it because he wouldn't leave.

By this point Zach and Sharona had taken the flying bus to Hero High and were completely unaware of Dr. O's future meeting with Liberty Bell. On the other hand Dr. O, Al and Jeff were making plans in case Liberty was not what she was suppose to be or from a different world. They set up many charms and spell that would activate for various reasons and Jeff would be the first to know if she was and undead due to his eye. Then after the doorbell ring Dr. O calmly floated over and answered it.

"Good after noon." she said, in her chipper but slightly slower voice. "Say hello." She said giving the baby a small bounce on her hip and they coo'ed a 'greeting' to Dr. O. "I brought you the cookies just like I promised." she said, holding up three stacks of cookies tied in neat wrapping, "The two in the purple paper are normal chocolate chip and the one in the lilac paper is..." she paused scrunching her nose a bit. "Carabao...no that's not right." she said frustrated. "Fake chocolate...car...something." After a moment she remembered. "Carob." she held the cookies out. "I remembered that someone was...vegan?" she wasn't sure if that was right or if it was vegetarian.

Dr. O looked at Liberty, then the baby and then the cookies. before he spoke up.

Dr. O: Ahh good day Mrs. Bell and thank you for the gift. I am sure you have forgotten but Jefferson Starlight is diabetic and often eats vegetarian and vegan foods with little sugar. Well then come on in.

Dr. O took the cookies and analyzed them as Liberty came in with her baby in her arms. All three men were watching to see which charm glowed as she passed them along the way. To their dismay she was not an alien, ghost, demon, vampire, ghoul, clone, slime, shapeshifter or mimic beast. However her energy signature was very odd and tripped the charm set up if she was from a different world. However it would take more studies to figure out which one it was. However for all intents and purposes this was indeed one of the many Liberty Bells from a vast set of parallel worlds. Dr. O had Liberty sit at the dining table where he put the cookies down and Al went to pour coffee for them.

Dr. Orpheus: It has been a long time Mrs. Bell. I almost forgot what you sounded like. Could you humor me and tell me the last few moments you recall?

Al served her some coffee before sitting down at the table with the others waiting for her answer.


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