Confusion and Party talk.

Liberty looked befuddled. "Almost forgot what I sounded like?" she asked. "I know it's been a little over a month but how can that be helped. You know about my check ups and with the baby its hard to get out for anything else..." she stopped as she started to read their faces. "You're not joking..." Liberty went on. "You've all been looking at me like you're seeing a ghost." she started to look up set. "Everyone's been looking at me like that, like I'm some kind of pariah." she sniffled. "Did I do something wrong... is it because I didn't morn Dan for long can tell me..."


"So Zach." Gray started. "You going to that party this weekend?" he asked, taking a bit of some weird looking fruit. "Shi.." he slurped and caught juice coming from his mouth. "You have to try this thing." he said. "Sky's messing with her powers and cross pollinating plants. I can't remember what all she mixed together but....just try it." he held it out unbitten side to Zach."

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