Next Day

Liberty looked befuddled. "Almost forgot what I sounded like?" she asked. "I know it's been a little over a month but how can that be helped. You know about my check ups and with the baby its hard to get out for anything else..." she stopped as she started to read their faces. "You're not joking..." Liberty went on. "You've all been looking at me like you're seeing a ghost." she started to look up set. "Everyone's been looking at me like that, like I'm some kind of pariah." she sniffled. "Did I do something wrong... is it because I didn't morn Dan for long can tell me..."

Dr. O: There is something I need you to see.

Dr. O felt guilty as he reached into his cloak and removed an old newspaper. He then flipped it to the obituary section to show Liberty Bell her recorded death.

Dr. O: I am sorry Mrs. Bell, but out Mrs. Bell died over ten years ago due to kidney failure.

Al: So that means she comes from a world where she took better care of her health.

Jeff: Ya see miss Zach's mom died before he was five and Dr. O practically raised him since Dan was never around.

Al: Wait a sec she said Dan died in her world too.

Dr. O: Indeed that is important to know, however we need to calmly get all the facts before we make any decisions. Now Mrs. Bell I am sure you are confused and upset, however we have four hours to figure out how to deal with this situation since Zach and Sharona will be home at four.

Al: He's right long story short last year we fought and defeated the alien race called the Shy'N, at the cost of many lives including Dan. To make matters worse Zach lost his memory so he won't even know you are. As it is we have to go through a lot to implant similar memories to help him adjust. The poor boy has been through a lot and now you are here to add to the mix.

Dr. O: My dear child we will help you either way but you need to make a choice. Do we try to send you back to your world or will you stay here and work things out with our Zach? The choice is yours.


"So Zach." Gray started. "You going to that party this weekend?" he asked, taking a bit of some weird looking fruit. "Shi.." he slurped and caught juice coming from his mouth. "You have to try this thing." he said. "Sky's messing with her powers and cross pollinating plants. I can't remember what all she mixed together but....just try it." he held it out unbitten side to Zach."

Zach bit into the odd fruit and was shocked by the flavor as he could not quite place it. He was deep in thought as he needed to know what he just ate.

Zach: Wow I may need Sky to hook me up with some choice fruits and veggies so I can use them in my recipes. Shar would flip if I turned this into a pie. Just between you and me I am considering becoming a chef after I graduate. If Sky is interested I could use a good supply of fruits and veggies with good flavors.

Just then Sir Barnbuck interrupted the class with his usual stories before handing out a math assignment using math to figure out how to stop a sniper shot. Zach was not to happy with the assignment but he had little choice in the matter.


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