Death Of Dan 2?

Liberty took the paper in one hand. "No...this isn't right wher..." she paused grabbing her head as a trickle of blood came from her nose. Her face twisting in what looked like like something you'd do if a person ran a hot fire poker up your spine.

It suddenly passed but it was clear she was still in pain. " Dan drown." she said, "In the pool of that place...the mansion with all the girls dress with cat ears and tails." she said. "He and the other heroes stopped these weird blob things and he went there to celebrate, he fell and hit his head and the girls thought he was joking around." she said. "Wait...she paused wiping off the blood. "That's not it...he..." she felt the pain come back. "What day is it..." she asked. "What year..." she added.

"No..that can't be right. Zach is 12 not 17." she said but stopped again. "....or was he 8..." she looked worried. "Why did I call you and ask if Zachary was here...I know he died when he was 8...he was hit on his bike by a car..." she was babbling now. Over and over she told conflicting stories. Like a quantum state closing on it'self. An uncountable amount of selves closing in on the one before the three. Memories all colliding.

Her eyes suddenly rolled back, but a moment later she was looking at them again. "You've not even touched your cookies." she said, holding the paper piece. "Dan..." she said wistfully. "He was a real hero that day wasn't he." she asked. "He might never have said it too much but he loved his own messed up way. I think if Zach had been a bit older. You know old enough they could drink together he'd have old our boy just how he felt." she pushed the page back."


"You can ask her about it." Gray said. "Just if she says yes don't take it to far. Okay? She says it takes a lot out of her and she can't like provide a full crop of hybrids yet." he went on. "Maybe try making a pie with them. She tried and it didn't work to well. It ended up squishy and a bit slimy when it was cooked." Gray was ignoring the math problem.

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