If That Is Your Real Name

Rather than taking the flying school bus to school like a normal Hero High student, Vermillo used his powers to arrive extra early, before busses even ran, and thankfully his nosebleeds seemed to have ceased, for now at least. He found himself helping out some of the teachers with arranging desks and such, during the time he'd spent at the school he had grown to be quite the teacher's pet. This was quite the feat, seeing as how Vermillo had only started attending the school around the end of last year. He had spent almost the entirety of that year perfecting his agility and athletic skills. His working personally with the teachers with what little time he had in school allowed him to hang on grade-wise., but with all of the heroing he'd been doing behind the scenes, of course his grades would be far from perfect.

Meanwhile, a very different kind of student sat hands in pockets, draped in all black as he stared up at the school through the bus's window. This student was broken inside, though his outer shell, strong and street smart, did what it could to hold the delicate parts together. He spotted two students a few seats ahead of him, lovebirds by the looks of it, going back and forth as if they couldn't get enough of each other. Andre let out a small sigh as his dull grey eyes drifted elsewhere.


Vermillo stared at his paper, dumbfounded and absolutely annoyed. He ran earlier and felt a bit more awake, but now the sleep deprivation was getting to him. Normally he wouldn't struggle so much with work like this, even if it was complex, but as he would much rather be asleep right now, he just wasn't feeling it.

He scouted the room, looking for someone who perhaps might be able to help him with this. Looking around, his eyes landed on a kid with glasses and spikey blonde hair.

Zach Bell, he didn't know much about the kid, other than his being close to the infamous Sharona Orpheus, daughter of the esteemed Dr. Orpheus, or Dr. Strange Fate. Vermillo sighed at his knowing all that. Unfortunately his superhero research extended to their immediate family as well.

Vermillo contemplated asking the kid to help him as he seemed bright enough (no pun intended), however he didn't want to ask until after it he had turned in his work. Poor Vermillo, looking for other's answers, Mother would be ashamed. Though she shouldn't be, it was her fault he was swamped and therefore mentally compromised anyway!

Vermillo frowned a bit as Zach seemed he was having trouble with the work too. Perhaps it was just extremely complicated. He was borderline ready to give up when he heard a voice he didn't hear so often, it came from right behind him.

"Done." Said the voice, mature yet apathetic and somewhat pained. This was suprising for many reasons, this guy didn't talk much, but also, no one else in the class had finished thier work. Hell, the teacher had just passed it out, he had finished so fast it sounded like a joke that he was done already.

Vermillo turned to see a tall guy with messy black hair and dull grey eyes, he approached the teacher, Sir Barnbuck, and handed the work sheet over.

"Mister Cunber," The teacher said, unnecessarily loudly, "How well of you grace us with your presence, and doing work as well?! How unprecedented! However, I rather you wait until your paper is graded to make a show."

Andre groaned, rolled his eyes, and returned to his seat. It was obvious that the teacher didn't believe Andre had done well, and neither did most of the class, Vermillo included. Watching on in amazement, Vermillo watched as the teacher's expression changed from a pompous grin to a cold stare.

"A p-perfect score..."

Andre's expression didn't change, he seemed utterly unsurprised. Vermillo turned in his seat, very surprised. He looked Andre up and down.

"How'd you do that so fast?"

Andre leaned back in his seat, staring wordlessly at Vermillo.

"Please, my mother will kill me if my grade drops any lower. I'm at a ninety nine for Pete's sake!"

Vermillo grinned, it was but a joke, however it earned him a smile from the emo kid, who actually thought he was serious for a moment. Andre inhaled, before reaching his hand out. Vermillo passed his paper over and Andre looked over the problem again.

"He's trying to trick you by throwing all of these terms at you, making you think it's physics, but you're supposed to be finding out how to stop the bullet, not the path of the bullet itself."

"That sounds even more complex! How do you even use math to stop a bullet?"

"That's the thing, you're thinking too hard about how it sounds and not so much about what it's saying-"

Vermillo was absolutely stunned at this guy, his IQ seemed through the roof, and it was nothing short of impressive that he figured all of this out in such a short time.

"How did you come to that conclusion so soon?"

Andre shrugged.

"I tried to solve the answers in different ways until one worked."

Vermillo frowned, "Seems like that would take a while?"

Andre smirked, tapping his head with a finger, "Not when you think at the speed of sound. The average human would probably take 2 or so hours to do this problem the way I did, took me 2 minutes."

Vermillo was stunned, he must have had some sort of ability to speed up his mental processes! Vermillo thought he'd like to know just how this guy's power worked.

"Mr. Calloway! Are you going to do your work or are you going to chat with Mr. Cunber all class?"

Vermillo snapped forward, going back to his work. He had an urge to look back at the tall kid, but didn't want to be caught 'chatting' again. He waited until class was over to speak to him again.

When he found him, Andre was putting away his books for Sir Barnbuck's class. The speedster turned, giving Vermillo a curious glance.

"You're tall." Vermillo said, staring up at Andre.

"You're short." Andre said without missing beat.

Vermillo chuckled, "Well Mr. Cunber, if that is you're real name, I just wanted to say thanks for the help earlier."

"No problem." Andre said, finally zipping his backpack up.

"Oh, and don't call me Mr. Cunber, I detest that name. It's Andre."

"Andre, eh? I'm Vermillo."

Andre raised an eyebrow.

"Fancy pants, eh?"

Vermillo shrugged.

"Well, uh, I've got Professor Campo next, so, see you later I guess?"

"Sure thing." Andre said with a short wave, before turning. Vermillo did the same, and the two separated for the time being. Vermillo's mind quickly went to the impromptu project he was going to have to try and pull off, however this "Andre" guy was stuck at the back of it.

Vermillo had no love for documenting people and names, but he mentally kicked himself for not knowing a thing about Andre or his past until today. Unbeknownst to him, not many did.

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