Troubling Insight

Liberty took the paper in one hand. "No...this isn't right wher..." she paused grabbing her head as a trickle of blood came from her nose. Her face twisting in what looked like like something you'd do if a person ran a hot fire poker up your spine.
It suddenly passed but it was clear she was still in pain. " Dan drown." she said, "In the pool of that place...the mansion with all the girls dress with cat ears and tails." she said. "He and the other heroes stopped these weird blob things and he went there to celebrate, he fell and hit his head and the girls thought he was joking around." she said. "Wait...she paused wiping off the blood. "That's not it...he..." she felt the pain come back. "What day is it..." she asked. "What year..." she added.
"No..that can't be right. Zach is 12 not 17." she said but stopped again. "....or was he 8..." she looked worried. "Why did I call you and ask if Zachary was here...I know he died when he was 8...he was hit on his bike by a car..." she was babbling now. Over and over she told conflicting stories. Like a quantum state closing on it'self. An uncountable amount of selves closing in on the one before the three. Memories all colliding.

Dr. O, Al and Jeff watched quietly as Liberty was having a mental break down. They quickly realized she was more than one Liberty at the same time and it was one freaky show. It was a good thing Zach didn't see this or it would be hard to explain it properly to him. Jeff was worried her head might explode so he began to reach for her only to be stopped by Dr. O who shook his head no. Dr. O was being patient and observing her through his mystical eyes.

Her eyes suddenly rolled back, but a moment later she was looking at them again. "You've not even touched your cookies." she said, holding the paper piece. "Dan..." she said wistfully. "He was a real hero that day wasn't he." she asked. "He might never have said it too much but he loved his own messed up way. I think if Zach had been a bit older. You know old enough they could drink together he'd have old our boy just how he felt." she pushed the page back."

Dr. O nodded as he gently took her hand as he spoke as if he was in a drama.

Dr. O: My dear Mrs. Liberty Bell...….it pains me to see you in such shambles, but none the should put your weary heart to rest to know that months before his untimely yet glorious demise in that insane battle for the very world we live in, Dan Jansen...the notorious gigolo Disco Flash and his very son Zachary Bell, the Glowstick Kid, had a small but very genuine and heartfelt break through on an emotional level that I dare say resembled a big brother looking after a younger brother. Of course I was not present to witness to this monumental event, but I dare say this life changing moment was confessed from the very lips of Zach himself to my Sharona.

So when my Sharona begged me to share upon the brain dead Zach, her very precious memories that she herself had shared with him her whole life...…..I then bared witness to many, many, many secrets she and Zach shared beyond my knowledge from before...…..and thus I, with the help of others managed to implant my Sharona's treasured memories into Zach's vastly empty pea brained mind. But I digress...... the boy who lived....despite such tragedy is doing well with a little help from his friends.

Al: Oh girl these cookies are the bomb! I can see where Zach gets it from. You have got to try his hand made Eggplant Parmesan. Oh its to die for.

Jeff: Oh and his Curried Roasted Eggplant with Smoked Cardamom and Coconut Milk, oh many I am drooling just thinking about it.

Al: Don't forget his Stuffed Potato Crabs.

Jeff: Oh and his Mushroom Asiago Chicken.

Dr. O: Gentleman please! (dramatic pause) Can't you we are having a moment? (dramatic pause) Not to mention you are making me hungry!

Al: Oh how about we let her eat some of Zach's left overs?

Jeff: Oh man its still great the next day.

Dr. O: Very well then we shall let Mrs. Bell partake in Zach's culinary work and let her see for herself. What say you Mrs. Bell?

The three men waited with anticipation as they looked at Liberty Bell hoping she would try the food.


"You can ask her about it." Gray said. "Just if she says yes don't take it to far. Okay? She says it takes a lot out of her and she can't like provide a full crop of hybrids yet." he went on. "Maybe try making a pie with them. She tried and it didn't work to well. It ended up squishy and a bit slimy when it was cooked." Gray was ignoring the math problem.

Zach wiped his chin as he felt the juice trickling down as he nodded.

Zach: Yeah testing it out first would be best.

Zach sighed as he looked at the math problems. He really didn't want to do the work but he grudgingly picked up a pencil and went to work. Much to his surprise he was able to figure out the solutions without to much trouble. This made him wonder what Professor Campo put in his head. Did the creepy big headed robot actually help him with implanted memories of school work? Zach wasn't sure so he needed to test this theory for each class for a week to see if that was true. Since he had no reference to compare to he needed to use his grades as a reference he could compare to last years grades. After he finished he looked at Gray and spoke up.

Zach: Hey Gray remind me of the details on this party?


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