Taste Tester & Details

Oh girl these cookies are the bomb! I can see where Zach gets it from. You have got to try his hand made Eggplant Parmesan. Oh its to die for.

"Al you flatter me." she said. "I'm glad you like them. I'll be sure to make something special for you next time Jefferson. To make up for forgetting you can't have sugar." she said.

Very well then we shall let Mrs. Bell partake in Zach's culinary work and let her see for herself. What say you Mrs. Bell?

Liberty smiled and waved at them in the 'oh I couldn't' manner. "Oh, I'm sure those were for you." she said. "I don't want to impose." she added, but paused. "Though I do wonder if he might have copied them from my recipe cards." she said. "Fine fine. I will try. The chicken dish." she said.

Once it was warmed up she studied it. "Hmm.." she took a bit. "That little sneak..." she said covering her mouth with her hand. "Stole my recipe, he did change it a bit though. He uses different mushrooms." between bites she looked at Dr. O. "Do you think I can still meet him...or will you ask him if we can speak..."


"Oh yeah... sure..." Gray said thinking a bit. "I can't remember the guys name. Weird tall dude wears headphones all the time." Gray put his hands over his ears. "The big ones not the guy with the ear bud." he went on. "Parents aren't in town, so he's throwing a party. Sky and I are going, not sure Shar is into parties or won't wet blanket it since its gonna be like ya know a teen movie party." Gray shrugged. "But I am sure it's gonna be a hell of a time. Otherwise I don't know much else."


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