Jive Talking

Gray shrugged, "Nothing that Shar would be to happy about." He said. "As for clothes or what ever. It's a Halloween party so a costume. And don't worry it's not a trick to make you feel stupid and be the only one who is in one." He said. "I'll have Sky ask Shar." Gray offered.

Zach nodded as he looked at Gray. He was not big on social events but he did need to work on his lack of social skills. Since he was still learning names he felt awkward when others knew about him and he knew nothing about them. It was different for the friends close to him, the others felt like nosy strangers to him still. Seeing as he had to get over it he agreed.

Zach: I'll ask Shar if we aren't doing anything. If she is cool with it we can go. I can't make any promises since she sometimes makes plans without telling me.

Sky looked at Shar. "Can I ask you something?" She said. "It needs to be a secret though." She added.

Shar looked around to see who was paying attention to them before she nodded at Sky.

Shar: Yeah no prob. If we need to talk in private let me know.

Shar liked Sky as a friend despite her being a him. She was glad Sky and Gray were there when Zach was enduring mental rehab. Some of his so called friends ended up in a different class or went their own way after summer time. She wondered if Sky wanted to have a girl talk and if so she wondered how serious it was.


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