Loose Ends

Atshi sat on the foot-board of Viola's bed. She had just been on the run for some time, and had recently changed up her look, even used magic to warp her face into a more mature, cynical beauty. Her wicked smile was more under toning now. She had recently made the decision to stop hiding her demonic origin, as supers became more common year after year. Viola had been suspicious in the months up to her time on the run, and Atshi did not feel right about it. She had Viola investigated by her old friends at Octavos, and as it turned out, Viola's phone had sent some pretty nasty messages to some recently deleted numbers. She had been too open with her old friend, texting her and the like. It had been a mistake.

"And mistakes... " Atshi continued out loud. "Have to be dealt with." she lifted her wrist, and her watch screen lit up.

She had lifted this Fitbit off of some poor guy in Pennsylvania, and had it reset and repaired somewhere outside of Mississauga, Ontario. She liked the way it made her feel healthy, because it tracked her steps. Even all the steps she has taken to return down to San Francisco, all the way from her current condo in Toronto. She had been setting up a secret base down in the Distillery District. She had set it up over the summer, drafting money to her Northern Accounts so that her thief friend could buy some estate.

The plan was to finally flip the switch, and move into more governmental evils, along with the classic demonic meddling. But that's why she hired Eva. Her skills in thieving made her particularly suited for the corporate work. Documents could be lethal in the right hands, but they could also be good in the wrong ones, or well, hers.

"Knowledge itself is power," she whispered "ipsa scientia potestas est, Sir Francis Bacon."

She was about to continue her monologue when she heard the bolt on the front door unlock.


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