Tea Time pt 3

Sani took exactly three seconds to decide whether or not he liked the noodles. Spoilers, he liked it. "Well...interests in what? Really, I just have a very crazy...friends, you could say, and I kind of got dragged a little too far into their life before I could get out. Not that I don't like it or anything, it's just a little...tasking sometimes," he said with a small smile, stretching his legs out again before taking another bite from the dish. "Also, don't worry about the gender thing. I've got a few machines to help...disguise, that would be the best word," he then picked up the cloaking device from his pocket, and clipped it to his ear before flicking a switch. Instantly, the shimmering took place, and he was the same girl that had gone and given an owl. He then reached behind his ear and flicked the switch again, returning to his original form. "But if you still feel like one of us should leave, I think we all should. After you went and broke Atshi out of Hero High, you...probably have a target on your back. And that generally means staying in one place is dangerous."

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