Packing the list

Xi laughed, hard.

"I will know when they come, as in this place I run the show. I set the meeting and the place. Do you think that obtaining those GPS codes are easy? Anyways, it seems that you could use some modern equipment incase you attract attention. I can someone those for exchange of blood, I just need to know what weapon. Oh, and should we wake dear Atarishiana up? I'm sure she has been having the most pleasant of dreams."

Xi flips open a hidden desk and says, "So, what'll it be? Daggers? Throwing kifes, swords? Or you prefered more ranged weapons, hmm?" He let Sani take a quick look at the ranged weapons, a crossbow, and a sniper rifle?

"Why would you need a sniper rifle?"

"It's not a sniper rifle, it's an anti-material rifle. I can shoot a driver out of a tank from the right angle and a bit of magic. And would you please tell me more about what you plan to do? I have big plans for the Russian Federation in store..."

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