OOC - anyone there?

is anyone within my story line still around because as far as every thing else goes I haven't a clue whats actually happening because people just keep destroying stuff and breaking out of jail and destroying stuff again and random things happen for no reason besides because they want it to. Things keep like starting in the middle of a story with no background to what is actually happening no one but 2 to 3 characters are involved and they don't seem to have a goal or a reason for anything that happens I just want some sort of continuity and for things to flow a bit better because i cant post when i can follow what is even happening since i feel like if i do i will just be killed since the 3 villains that are posting seem to be powerful beyond measure when the story calls for it then weak as a dove the next minute. just my thoughts on things i dont know where to go with a story that i cant make head or tails of. the time line also jumps around a ton, which i realize happens in things like comic books but it makes things hard to post for when you have to play up to something that has supposedly already happened and yet couldn't have unless the characters already did they you said they did . and i don't need another run down of what happened like i always get with a post like this things just need reasons in the posts not just well she was captured i broke her out escaped and didn't get noticed by anything or stuff like that. sorry for the rant.

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