Recap - Hunter & Hunted

Hunter & Hunted
Posted by : DeliDoge on May 19, 2014, 4:06am

Just as Sky was beginning to get away from Malcav, another figure appeared in front of him.
Literally. Appeared.

John St. Hunter had been hunting Sky Free for a week, knowing he would be a very easy prey to take out. And would anyone miss him?

He drew his swords, Hantā and Kirā, and locked eye contact with him. "Sky Free. I'm afraid you cannot escape death today. But unlike your friend chasing you, I'll make it quick. Will you try to run or will you accept your death and die with some dignity?"

Malkav blacked out with the shot to the groin. Viktor woke up.

Still in a lot of pain, the friendly personality that is Viktor got up, and wanted nothing more than to apologize to Sky for exposing him to the danger of Malkav. That's when he looked down the street and saw him standing there.

John St. Hunter. The man who once tried to kill the woman in charge of Viktor at the institution they kept him in. The man who had been off the radar for two years. And now he was going to kill poor defenseless Sky.


Viktor, and a few of the voices, knew what had to be done. He stood up, and began to walk towards them, trying to hurry without running, lest he alarm the two of them and accidentally get Sky killed.

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