Recap - First day at school

First day at school
Posted by : Havock on May 18, 2014, 9:14pm

Evana stepped off the bus she was lost in a sea of faces and grass, the only real sight being the school it's self. She had already been to the principles when her grandparents brought her forward. Her power test was done and she was assigned to the hero group. She was alone thanks to an incident at her old highschool. She had lost concentration during a dodge ball game and gone intangible to dodge a ball. Luckily, the other kids hadn't noticed. But someone did and she was pulled out of class. She was sent to the principle who told her that she had contacted her parents. So when they showed up they alerted someone and her school was transfered to Hero High. She walked away from the buss and when she found herself alone she just went to the school and attempted to stay out of sight. She was just outside the first room she was to go too and fazed in through the wall. She quietly went to the teacher and attempted to receive her seat without being the center of attention.

"You can take a seat in the back." Mr Marsters told her. Evana nodded and left to go to her seat.

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