OOC - More than just the surface

OOC: Jaxx, I apologize for anything I have done wrong, but it's always more lively when people are on the run aren't they? Now, who wants to joint the chase? Also, another note, I believe that you guys didn't see my face the entire time in the previous breakout.

OOC: Question of the day, who is my character named after? Hint, corruption.

Xi was chatting with Sani when he got a text message.

"Sani, you two need to get out of here. I'll worry about myself, they don't know who I am and I can mask my power if it need be."

"Here take this."

Xi handed them two small pieces of paper, which instantly dissolved as he told them how it was a mind link which connected them.

"You must be gone, quickly."

Atarishiana's eyes were still blue as she asked, "Where are you going?"

"To throw them off. Hurry!"

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