Bounty Best Held High

WARNING: Some 'ADULT' talk used below.

Atshi got off the bed. "Well, maybe we'll see each other again sometime..." she muttered as her wings spread. She opened the first window. Then the second. "Sani. Give me your phone." Sani then proceeded to hand her his cellphone. She grabbed hers, and in an instant, linked their phone's again on Lucaine's private network. She tossed it back. "There. I'm in your contacts again." she told him, showing him the screen on her ironically gold and black phone. Sani browsed through his contacts. "Black Angel? You changed your alias again?" Atshi sighed. "Well duh, every time I go to prison again I kind of have to..." she sighed. She jumped onto the railing of the window. There were already police outside. "Damn it! I wanted to get out of here easily..."

Atshi dive bombed one of the officers, knocking him out. The other one tried to call for backup. Atshi grabbed his wrist, and... well... bit him... The police officer jumped back with shock. "Aiiiieeee!!!" he yelled, flailing his arm in the air. Atshi licked the blood clean off her lips. "Not bad... This one is tasty..." she laughed. Then she shoved him into the back of the car. "Night night...She whispered, before giving him the Devil's Kiss and sealing his fate.

Sani on the otherhand, used the door like a normal man would. "Atshi! Not again!" he grabbed her, flipped her onto his shoulder, and started carying her away from the man's corpse. "Sani! Stop! I wasn't done yet!!!" she squirmed, trying to free herself. But it was no use. She sighed.

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