Somewhere Safe

OOC: Let's see how long I can start my posts with three somethings before people start getting fed up. Also, apologies to Jaxx...pretty sure I should apologize.

Sani took three seconds to find a shadow before he jumped in, still half-carrying, half-dragging Atshi away from the ambush. Quickly leaping in he paused for a moment in thought before deciding on his destination. Walking out of a shadow in his own apartmen-FLAT, he then let Atshi down. "Welcome to my home," he said, with a grand bow and everything. "We have approximately half an hour at most before Hero High breaks down my door and tries to arrest us." He then walked to his living room, and turned on the TV. "-news of two super-villains have escaped from their cells," it started, and Sani gave himself a small moment of satisfaction before settling down. "Make yourself at home," he called. "Just no dangerous things. I don't want to find a new place again. Transferring the guns alone took 6 months," he finished, murmuring the last part.

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