London Wrap-Up(?)

Sharona smirked as she shook her head and replied, "Boy you guys really are a bunch of Nancy Boys. The girl is crazy, damaged goods, insane in the membrane. Oh for Hades sake if you have a thing for bad girls your life span just got cut in half Zal." Zach replied, "That is kinda harsh Shar." Sharona turned her head and replied, "Maybe so but I find it hard to pity a psycho chick just because she had a brief moment of doubt before she decided to blow up the world." Sharona looked at Zach, Zal and Gray as she said, "I don't know what her beef was but she seemed to think this was a game. To her killing innocent people was no biggie. If you think a hug and a few kind words are gonna make her all better, I suggest you get your head examined cause when she gets loose again who knows what she will do."

"Yeah, so you're one to talk smack about 'bad girls'," Zal muttered, recalling privately Zack's tale of Sharona nearly destroying a city block on a bad day. "Anyhow, I'm not excusing her, and I'm not smitten with her. I'm just saying that something's strange about the whole thing, that's all. And I certainly don't think a hug and kind words are what she needs. Well, they're definitely not /all/ she needs. She needs an exorcist and a shrink, more likely."

"I can always eat and some other useless junk to fill my house would be cool like a model of The Elizabeth Tower could be cool. Fun fact" Gray begins to rant like usual "The bell is Big Ben not the tower" he coughs knowing he was ranting "So any way where to eat where to eat, any ideas how fancy we cant to to fancy looks how we are dressed" Gray motions to everyone's dirty clothes "but we are in England so no fast food we can have that anytime" he says before yawning. "

As Sharona, Zach , Zal and Gray were debating on where to eat they drew attention from a sidekick named Mr. Clean. Known only to his close associates and friends Mr. Clean had OCD and couldn't stand to see dirty things. Lucky for him his powers allowed him to use an energy wave to clean anything. After a quick wipe Mr. Clean restored everyone outfit to look like new. After they got over the shock and watched Mr. Clean run off to help others clean up Zach suggested they got to a nice place to eat. Sharona mention that maybe Gray should bring his girlfriends along for company before they headed off to Yauatcha since it came highly recommended as a popular restaurant in London, and had some of the best Dim Sum in town and they say the soft shell crab is to die.

"Oh, hey, guys," Zal said, "I've got our tour covered. So, it turns out one of the heroes who showed up to help with the whole bomb mess was a telepath, and she's been pretty much all over Europe. So...she was able to share her memories with me of a lot of different places, so I'm all set to take us all over the place. I was thinking we'd hit up the Tower of London first, then bounce to France...maybe drop Shar and Zach off at the top of the Eiffel Tower for some prime make-out scenery. Then we'll do Italy, see the Tower of Pisa and some of the stuff in Rome. Then Greece, and then hit Switzerland and Holland on the way back."

Zal opened up a portal and gestured. "Sound good, guys?"

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