Sally Jo's First Day

By Zal and Jaxx

The chopper touched down on the landing pad and the men in black undid their safety harnesses. One of the men attempted to help Sally Jo with hers, but she waved it off and fiddled with the strap herself until she got it loose.

"Think I can handle a little ol' buckle on my own," she smirked.

One of the men grabbed up a reinforced briefcase and they escorted her off of the chopper and down the landing pad. They made their way across the rooftop and to a doorway. One of the men radioed ahead.

"Agent Stilton reporting in. Transporting subject to the offices of Principal Linda Carson."

They made their way down a stairway and through a few security doors...then found themselves out in a hallway, where several kids were milling about between classes. The agents looked mildly uncomfortable as they made their way past the onlooking kids, but Sally Jo smiled and waved at them as she passed.


They finally reached Principal Carson's office door.

"Agent Edam," Stilton nodded. "Secure the door." Edam cracked open the door, peered in, then stepped in and looked around. A moment later he re-emerged and gave a curt nod. "Let's proceed," Stilton commanded.

They walked Sally Jo into the office where, seated at a large desk sat a woman of middle years, but still stately and attractive.

"Principal Carson," Agent Stilton stepped forward. "Agent Stilton of the US Secret Service. We are transporting this subject here upon orders from the Xenobiological Management Department."

Principal Carson steepled her fingers. "Area 50 something full?"

The agents exchanged glances. "We aren't really set up to accommodate...juveniles, ma'am."

Sally Jo stepped forward, up to the desk. She offered her hand. "Howdy Miss Carson," she beamed. "Nice little place you got here. So I'm guessin' you're the law 'round these parts?"

Principal Carson smiled as she began to levitate in her chair above the level of her desk. Then Principal Carson said, "Yes I am the one in charge of this establishment of higher learning. And I understand you are interplanetary exchange student. I understand if you are still getting used to the customs of this planet but know this I will not tolerate misbehavior nor will I allow harm to befall my students while I am still here." Principal Carson levitated a Hero High themed backpack full of school books and hovered them to Sally Jo as she said, "Here is a backpack with everything you will need to start your education at Hero High. I will escort you around the school and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or the other instructors."

"Thanks Sheriff--, pardon, Principal Carson." Sally Jo plucked the floating backpack from the air and pulled it on, wriggling her shoulders to distribute the weight. "I don't come here aimin' to misbehave, ma'am. While I ain't the type to back down from an honest scrap, I ain't here to look for trouble, either."

Then Principal Carson lowered her chair to the ground and then stood up as she walked to the Agents. Agent Stilton handed a brief case to Principal Carson and said, "Ma'am these are the student's pair of 50-gigawatt laser pistols that contain micro-fusion reactors." Principal Carson looked at the briefcase and said, "I'll have Professor Campo inspect these before she can have them. Agent Stilton nodded and then Principal Carson thanked them for their time and dismissed them. After the Agents left and Sally Jo had time to ask her questions, Principal Carson escorted Sally Jo around the school. Principal Carson also took the briefcase with her to drop off with Professor Campo.

Principle Carson showed Sally Jo around the school since she was going to be there for a while. As they waled around Principle Carson showed Sally Jo where her locker was, where the gym was, the cafeteria, the classrooms, the clubrooms, the music rooms, the training rooms, the dorm rooms and most importantly where all the bathrooms were. After the grand tour Principle Carson answered all of Sally Jo’s questions and took her to her first class where she introduced her. After the introductions a voice on the speaker called for Principle Carson’s attention and forced her to leave. Sally Jo then chose a seat and joined the class.


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