Sani was still watching the TV when he noticed the date. "May 30..." he thought to himself. "I should actually do something special today." He then stopped being a couch potato, and hopped off, heading for the kitchen. Seeing Atshi with her white wings, he blankly stared for a few seconds before clearing his throat rather loudly. "Atshi, would you like some cake?" he asked, a genuine smile on his face for once. When she gave a slight nod, he walked to the kitchen, whistling "Happy Birthday" to himself. He then opened the refrigerator, and quickly took out his emergency cake that he restocked every week, before cutting out two slices bringing them out on plates. He then handed Atshi one plate and started munching from his. "So, what was bothering you before? You were just staring into space," he continued, still munching on his cake. Hearing a beeping from his phone, he quickly checked it, and cursed. "15 minutes..." he murmured, before returning his attention to Atshi.

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