Back to School

"Oh, hey, guys," Zal said, "I've got our tour covered. So, it turns out one of the heroes who showed up to help with the whole bomb mess was a telepath, and she's been pretty much all over Europe. So...she was able to share her memories with me of a lot of different places, so I'm all set to take us all over the place. I was thinking we'd hit up the Tower of London first, then bounce to France...maybe drop Shar and Zach off at the top of the Eiffel Tower for some prime make-out scenery. Then we'll do Italy, see the Tower of Pisa and some of the stuff in Rome. Then Greece, and then hit Switzerland and Holland on the way back."

Zal opened up a portal and gestured. "Sound good, guys?"

After an awesome series of good food, shopping and a European tour via teleporting with Zal, all the students and older Heroes made there way home exhausted and got ready to go to school the next day. The next day it felt weird being back at Hero High after the chaos that Atshi caused. Sharona and Zach were nagged by many students who wanted to hear about their tales with "Atshi the Mad Bomber." It was a weird feeling for Zach to be so popular with many students especially since the older students ignored him since he was a sidekick. Sharona of course was more annoyed as many guys tried to use the conversation as a chance to hit on her. On the plus side Sharona became more attached to Zach and insisted he stay close to her to keep the other guys from talking to her. Zach seemed to like holding hands with Sharona as well as seeing her act more kindly towards him. As they walked down the halls together they appeared to look like a couple and of course the rumor mill began to turn as the word spread that Sharona was dating the sidekick Zach.

Unfortunately this was bad for Zach in that he was now noticed by many of the petty and jealous guys with far stronger powers. When Zach was away from Sharona he found himself being bullied around and told to break up with Sharona or he would be sorry. Zach would normally be in trouble in this situation but Sharona had Zach followed by one of her negative ghosts to help him out when needed. When Zach was about to get a beat down from a bully the negative ghost would pass through the bully and drop him into a sad and depressed pathetic person for an hour. Zach would used this time to escape and get to class or back to Sharona's side. As Zach thought about how he was dealing with his situation he wondered how Zal and Gray were doing.


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