Atshi looked up. "You should favor and celebrate your birthday better. Sorry for getting you involved in all of this." he looked over. "Why is that? And why should should I celebrate my birthday better?" he asked her. She laughed. "Well, you will either die in 15 minutes... or another variable of your death, the natural one, will be... In about... Maybe 125 years?" Sani looked shocked. "I'll live that long?! How?" he asked her.

She looked over. "Your regeneration powers, my guess." she looked at his phone's screen, bright in the apartment shadows. "7:32...7:31..." she counted. "Better eat this cake before they blow us to bits or arrest us again." she laughed, stroking her wings. "You were a bit shocked when you came in and saw my angelic wings, weren't you?" he nodded, slowly.

She laughed again, this time more childlike. "Well then.. one day you'll have to come meet my mother. She is an Er'el, or a third rank Angel." he continued to chew on his birthday cake. "So your dad is the Devil, and your mother an Angel? How did that happen?" he pondered. She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, and I won't ask." she nodded. "But it is weird." she admitted. "So I'm an official illegal religious half-breed." she laughed a little, trying to hide her childness. "Religious and Illegal don't really go together often." Sani nodded, trying to finish his birthday cake. "So you're weak to Holy weapons, and you're an Angel?" he stated. She nodded. "I'm also weak to some demonic weapons..." she admitted.

"They will break the door down in about... 2 minutes. Let's go soon."

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