Jenny- Hero High

When Jenny returned to Hero High the day quickly escalated back to it's normal standards. Tracy had decided to obviously skip school, so that left Jenny alone to handle the usual thick crowd of admirers. The day had been rather boring and slow for Jenny since not much had happened, and half way through her third class, she decided to blow off school as well.

After about fifteen minutes of bribing a bus driver, she finally found herself at home and immediately ran through the front door. Her head had felt cloud, and all she was able to do was sleep it off.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and her brother were attending their normal duties at Hero High. They rarely saw each other due to Caleb being a freshmen and her a senior. It almost seemed impossible that just next year she would be off to college or possibly serving the world as a real superhero. She almost felt unprepared for despite the fact that she had been attending the school for over three years now, they still hadn't signed her as a hero or sidekick. According to some graduates that meant something in the real world.

It showed placement, and possibly value, and it definitely told rather you would be striking down the next super villain of the century or cleaning the horrible mess of blood and guts afterwards.

Stephanie usually had long thoughts about her powers, especially considering that she and her brother were the only ones known to have them for their family's current generation.

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