Somewhere New?

Sani quickly threw the plates into the sink before walking back over to Atshi. "So...any place we should go, or is just running the best option?" he asked, quickly turning off the TV as he asked. He then walked over to the shadow, and thought for a bit. "Safe houses..." he murmured, before silently checking his phone one last time. "10 seconds," he called, forcibly dragging Atshi to the shadow, and jumping in.

The wind is howling like…well, wind. The cold, fierce wind was nipping at his face and ears as he struggled to find his way through the snow. Finally feeling a large wooden door, he pushed it open before letting Atshi go. "This is our base at the north pole," he said, brushing some snow off his shoulders as he closed the door. "Only a handful of people in the world know it's location, and all the designers and makers of it have been...put to sleep." He then pulled a curtain back for a second before closing the blinds again. "We should be safe here for a while. Luciane always said this place was only meant for emergencies..."

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