The Anomaly

After being taken into the Med-bay and being sedated, he only sees the Doctor before he goes under.(OCC: Jaxx you can post something that happens between here)

After scanning Grays leg Dr. Hotlips sedated Gray and began working on fixing his leg using her powers. However Dr. Hotlips was a bit concerned as saw the leg was far more damaged than it should have been. After making additional scans Dr. Hotlips found something disturbing. At some recent point Gray was exposed to some kind of dark energy that weakened his bones. Lucky for Gray it didn't appear to be life threatening. Dr. Hotlips pulled up Grays record and discovered he was involved in the "Atshi incident" and figured he was exposed sometime during his travels. Now that Dr. Hotlips had an idea of what she was dealing with she did her best to repair the leg and knew it would take longer to heal naturally.

After hours of work even though it does not result in amputation its, still not good. Being Hero High the places that were operated on don't need stitches his physical therapy can begin right away, Gray can stand on his leg for maybe a minute. Grayson wakes up after a while and stares up at the ceiling he wonders where he is and what happened. "Where am I?" he thinks out loud.

As Gray woke up Dr. Hotlips greeted him and said, "Greetings Mr. Valentine. I trust you slept well? About your leg,...I am sorry I wasn't able to fix it completely since you were exposed to some kind of dark energy that seemed to weaken your bones. I suggest you take it easy for a while till your bones can recover. I'll prescribe some special vitamins and pain killers that should help you in the mean time. If you need anything else please let me know." Dr. Hotlips smiled at the confused Gray as she checked his chart.

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