The Update

"Dark energy weakened my bones?" he mumbles to himself
"Could I get one of those cane crutch things, I'm not really to good with just sitting around like this." he asked the Doctor still looking around a bit out of it from the morphine
"Is that really your last name" he asks not meaning to make it rude but it slips out as more of a joke then he intended.

Dr. Hotlips rolled her eyes back as she said, "Yes it is a family name. Believe it or not my father's side of the family is supposedly a descendant of Eros and the jokes are older than I could tell you, so by all means keep your jokes to yourself if you want to keep the feeling on your lower extremities." Dr. Hotlips looked at Gray's hips and she smiled sarcastically. Dr. Hotlips said, "Now to answer your question about moving around. I can get you a wheel chair for now and when your stronger you can upgrade to a cane. For now you need to wait till the morphine works its way out of your system, which means another hour in bed till you can use the wheelchair. If you want we have a bus designed for 'special needs' students or you can have your friend Zal teleport you home." Gray looked at Dr. Hotlips funny till she replied, "I read the report of the Atshi incident. That was how I figured out your exposure to dark energy. Someone you encountered affected you one way or another. I managed to neutralize the effects but it has slowed down your healing rate." Dr. Hotlips smiled as she said, "For now just relax and when your ready your can go home."


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