Reality Bites

At the Assembly Principle Carson gave a big welcoming speech to the freshmen and returning students as she introduced the staff. The staff included many members including Professor Campo, Coach Canton and Mr. Marsters. After the assembly the staff directed the confused and lost members to the gym where Coach Canton would determine if they were a hero or sidekick. The school resembled a normal school in many ways till someone with powers decided to show off.
Zach and Sharona sat impatiently as waited in a long line to be tested by Coach Canton. Zach hoped he could be a hero like Sharona, while Sharona was concerned Zach was in over his head.

Zach watched as each student was being tested by Coach Canton. As each student was asked to step on the small stage Coach Canton asked them loudly what was their power? Then the students either bragged or muttered what their power was depending on their confidence level. Zach watched as some students would catch a dropping car with their super strength or destroy a target with some kind of acid spit, laser vision, ice blast, fire attack or simply transform into something cool. Of course as Zach began to see the power of the sidekicks his confidence level began to lower little by little. As Zach watched some sidekicks he saw some of them turn into a small rabbit, or a rubber ball, or an iron statue of themselves. As he realized the difference between the power of a sidekick and a hero as he looked behind himself and asked Sharona, “Umm Shar I am getting a bad feeling I may be a sidekick.” Sharona turned to look at Zach and replied, “You don’t say? Was it not obvious when I told you myself or is it that you needed to see it with your own eyes?” Zach nervously swallowed as he slowly nodded yes to Sharona.

Sharona rolled her eyes up and said, “Relax Zach just accept your place as a sidekick and remember if the others pick on you I’ll deal with them personally.” Zach looked at Sharona as she gave an evil smile at Zach. Zach felt better as he replied, “Cause we are best friends and you like me?” Sharona laughed as she replied, “No you idiot, because I am the only one who gets to bully you. Just tell them you are my lackey and if they don’t listen I’ll make them.” Zach nodded nervously as he looked at the menacing Sharona and replied, “You know you are really scary sometimes.” Sharona blushed as she smiled and winked innocently at Zach and replied, “Awwwww that’s so sweet. Your making me blush.”

After the line moved on it was Zach’s turn and Coach Canton said, “Next1.” Zach stepped up and smiled nervously at Coach Canton. Coach Canton looked at Zach and asked, “Aren’t you Disco’s kid?” Zach smiled and rubbed the back of his head nervously as he replied, “Ummmm yeah. I’m Zach Bell” Coach Canton then said, “So I take it you have your dad’s powers?” Zach muttered, “Yeah sort of.” Coach Canton then said alright then take out a few targets with your lasers.” Zach looked at the targets and then Coach Canton as he nervously pointed his finger and began to glow. After nothing happened Coach Canton looked at Zach and said, “That’s it you just glow?” Zach nervously smiled at Coach Canton who rolled her eyes at him and said, “Well little Firefly it looks like you’re a Sidekick.” Zach tried to interrupt but Coach Canton looked at him sternly in the eye and said, “Look kid I’m no fan of your father. He has left a long line of broken hearts since Hero High so don’t think for one second I am going to go soft on you. So consider yourself on the Diamond Test. Now move it I have more kids to test. NEXT!”

Zach got depressed, as he was about to leave the stage Sharona stepped up and looked at Coach Canton with a sassy attitude. Coach Canton said, “Oh my you must be Dr. Orpheus’s kid.” Sharona gave an evil smirk as she replied, “Yeah unfortunately.” Coach Canton asked, “So what is your power?” Sharona looked at Zach and created a negative ghost from her body at Zach. As the ghost passed through Zach he dropped to his knees in a deep depression and began crying as he wished he had never been born. Coach Canton looked at Sharona and replied, “I see you can make ghost to fight for you. Well then Ghost Princess it looks like you are Hero material.” Sharona turned around and began to walk off the stage as she said, “Like whatever.” As Coach Canton moved to the next student Sharona grabbed Zach by the collar and said, “Snap out of it you crybaby and go get me a juice.” As Sharona touched Zach the feeling of depression faded away and he was back to normal. Zach looked up at Sharona as if to say thank you but ended up with a bonk to his head from Sharona’s umbrella as she said, “I said get me a juice NOW!” Zach scrambled to his feet and ran off to a vending machine and bought a can of juice for Sharona and himself. After he returned they sat on the bleachers and enjoyed their juice as the other students were having their powers tested by Coach Canton.


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