"A man who molests your best friend to the point she begs and pleads for him to stop but everyone turns a blind eye."

That caused me to raise an eyebrow. He spoke it so calmly, like it was text from a book, like it was just facts. There was no emotion to his voice, no impact, nothing. That creeped me out.

That meant something. It could be just facts to him. He could, possibly, just be speaking from a book. That, however, was very unlikely. Most people have an emotional reaction to everything, displaying hate, sadness, and other emotions. The other option was that this had happened to him. Such a thing dulls your emotions, making you wooden, cold.

I don't know which is worse.

The teacher began to talk again, "Very good, Mr. Colt. Mr. Renolds, could you give an example?"

"Frustration. Frustration at something by which you cannot, yourself, control."

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