Hanging with Sky 10

"That sounds kind of cool actually being able to see her again, and all. Its also nice to know I am not alone in weird aspects of life." Sky smiled a bit. "I have to say though its still weird being partly another person." he laughs again taking a sip of his drink. "So, Shar what about you, whats your family like? If that's not prodding to much." he asked

Sharona looked at Sky and thought for a moment then replied, "Well I grew up with my daddy, Dr. Malachi Orpheus, who is a Master Necromancer. My mom, Cordelia the Gray Witch, bailed on us when I was about a year old and moved to a mystic realm to live with the other witches and warlocks. Later on I found out she was dating the Hell Rider while married to dad and he is still steamed about it. Now and then I talk to her through a magic mirror, but our relationship is kinda weird since she is very petty and hates my dad. The worst part is that as I got older we seemed to talk less and less. But on the bright side I had Zach to entertain me when I was lonely or bored. He may be a dork but he has his moments. The sad irony is that I get along with Zach's mom better than my own. Lily is an awesome lady." Zach smiled at Sharona as he replied, "Thanks Shar."

Sharona nodded as she said, "Anyway since it was just Daddy, Zach and me, we ended up in some messed up situations. Daddy took us to places that would mess up most people for life. We traveled all 72 pillars of the underworld, the Neither World, multiple parallel dimensions including Zombie World which was my favorite. So because of our background Zach and I were not very popular and it got worse when they found out about my powers. That's kinda why I was looking forward to Hero High, so we could meet other kids like us. Unfortunately you still have to deal with the jerks in all schools. But I do have to say we got lucky to meet Zal, Gray and you Sky. I heard Gray made friend with those two girls he was talking to as well. So its just a matter of time before we end up with a large group of friends to help each other out."

Zach replied, "Yeah that would be so cool to not have to worry about getting a swirly when I go to class." Then Zach drank his juice and excused himself to the bathroom. After Zach left Sharona smirked as she said, "Zach doesn't know this but I can use my powers once a month to talk to Lily through my dreams using my ghosts as a medium. Well......at first it was an accident when I met her in the spirit realm, but once I figured out how I did it I made it a point to see her once a month during a new moon. She is such a cool lady and really understands things. Anyway she gives great advice on girl stuff and especially on how to deal with Zach. Of course I know she wants us to get married and have kids but she doesn't pressure me about that stuff. To be honest I'd trade her for my mom in an instant. The bad part is that I am not allowed to tell Zach about this till she gives me permission so keep this to yourselves. She wants Zach to grow up a little more before he runs to mommy for help. So as you can see my life is like a twisted version of the Adams family." Eventually Zach returned to roll his die and take a turn.


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