Hanging with Sky 12

"Well he's strong, and is a pretty good cook. He is also a bit of a dork. Think....well Zach only all grown up, and could lift a car. I don't really know how he meet my mom he just says they saw each other one day and it sorta just happened but they were not really together per-say but they lived together and all that." Sky said, "But that doesn't matter. Just glad when it happened they stuck together. My dad is really cool though supporting my choices 100%" Sky said

Zach tried to picture himself picking up a car. As he did he also imagined Sharona getting all excited and showering him with affection. Zach closed his eyes and smiled as he continued with his daydream till Sharona nudged him and replied, "Zach if your day dreaming about having better powers to impress me again stop it before I hurt you." Zach stopped in mid dream and sighed as he realized he was smoothing the air in front of the others. Feeling a bit embarrassed he nervously rubbed the back of his head and replied, "So like was your dad part of the League or did he have anyone he worked with?"


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