Hanging with Sky 13

"Well he was my moms sidekick for a little while but after I was born he became the stay at home dad and eventually took a normal world job" Sky said "He thought it was best to be the one at home since moms power was strong enough to fight but now he stays around because of what happened." Sky said "Truth be told I wish he would do more then work a job like he does and be a hero, he strong enough but he just wants to make sure nothing happens to me because of what Orchid did for me." he said taking another drink.

Zach replied, "That's cool at least your dad is around and helpful, mine only drops by long enough to give me a monthly allowance and the money to pay Dr. O for taking care of me. Once in a while we talk but its mostly to tell me about his latest hero work and womanizing. Then when he does asks me about myself I but doubt he even listens since he doesn't change his response or remember what we talked about last time. One time I just made stuff up just to get a rise out of him. I told him I was failing everything, I was gay and I was getting bullied by gangs for my lunch money and he just told me to work harder. That's just messed up. I can't remember a time when he even showed up to any of my birthdays. Hec my dead mom even remembers that much." Sharona put her arm around Zach, leaned his head on her lap and said, "Zach sweety I need you to shut up. Your freaking out again." Sharona smirked as she said, "Sorry guys my little Zach gets a little sensitive about his relationship with his dad. I found this is only thing that calms him down."

Sharona looked at Zach and said, "All better now?" Zach look up and thought for a second and shook his head no. Sharona replied, ""Ok but if you get fresh with me I'll pound you into the ground." Zach nodded as he laid on Sharona's lap and closed his eyes. Sharona said, "Anyway I think its nice your dad is supportive and there for you. My dad is is a complete head case. He has the tendency to speak in an overly dramatic and loud tone, often at inappropriate times and usually accompanied by dramatic music. I have no idea where the music is even coming from either. However, like all other heroes, he has his moments of sheer failure. He can be clueless about relationships, which is only somewhat mitigated by his affable nature. His pomposity is legendary in the League and often off-putting, driving away people he likes or tries to like. You should see the impressions the other League members do to imitate him when he is not around, it looks like auditions for a Shakespeare play. But daddy also has a dark side, when he or those he cares about are threatened, he has no problem using magic in horrifically excessive ways. One time on a family trip with the three of us, we stopped at this diner in the middle of some small town and while we were waiting for our food these two big red necks decided to harass daddy since he was dressed differently. After a few warnings he trapped their souls in a Homeboy figurine because they wouldn't stop teasing him. The messed up part is that he keeps that figurine on his car dashboard and occasionally taunts them. So I guess its true what they say. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family."


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