Mischief Time

June came out of his first class a little annoyed, little bored, and very energetic. After he arrived in the class, he was scolded by the teacher because of his, to use her words, "disruptive and loud". "Loud," he thought to himself. "Like I spoke a word." Sighing to himself, he finally shook off his poor attitude, and searched for a target. It was time for a little mischief.

June smiled at his target. She (It's Maryelle. Sorry if you didn't want her to be pranked, and because I can't select characters to appear in posts. Most of the time) was alone, she was unsuspecting, and she was in plain sight. Floating high above in his ghostly form, he punched in a word on his phone before plummeting downwards, headfirst. Just when it seemed he would crash into the ground, he stopped, upside-down, facing the other student. Hitting a single button on his phone, it played the word he typed.


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