Bad Blood

Megan stood behind a girl who had ghost powers and waited patiently for her turn. When coach canton called her up, she didn't make any sounds, she didn't smile, she didn't even look at coach canton. "What is your name?" Megan, still looking down, replied quietly "Megan....Megan Caby, or just Meg for short." Coach Canton seemed slightly offended by the girl not looking up at her while talking. "Power? And look at me when you're talking to me." Megan looked up, not shyly, but fiercly in a way, "blood bending, and moving things with my mind." Canton pointed to a table with many objects on it, one by one they all exploded or were shot into a wall by Megan just looking at them blankly. Megan then turned to the girl who demanded her 'friend' to get her a juice box with his own money, she hated people like that, so Megan used her mind to crumple her juice box, while managing to soak the girl with juice. "Hero materiel, you can control people and objects, definitely hero." Megan turned away and headed back to the bleachers, not looking at anyone, not speaking, she did everything by only saying her name and power, nothing more.

Sharona was shocked as her juice box exploded. Sharona looked at her soaked clothes and and then around to see Caby looking right at her with er blank face. Sharona was now angry and began to summon a whole bunch of ghosts to send after Caby when Zach got in front of her and said, "I'm sure it was an accident Shar. Please calm down. If you don't get mad I promise to make your favorite dinner tonight." Sharona clenched her fist in anger as she looked at Caby and then at Zach who was sincere in his offer. Then Sharona asked, "Why are you defending her?" Zach waved his hands as he replied, "You got it all wrong Shar. I just don't want you to destroy the gym on our first day here. You know how you get when your mad."

Sharona looked at Zach and replied, "So your protecting me then." Zach smiled nervously as he replied, "Come on Shar after all that we have been through do you really think I'd bail on you?" As Sharona's anger slowly fizzled down her ghosts disappeared one by one till they were all gone. Zach then ran to a nearby table and grabbed a few towels to help dry off Sharona. When Zach tried to dry off Sharona she quickly blushed took the towels away as she said, "Stop I can do it myself." Zach was shocked by Sharona's response till he noticed Coach Canton and other students watching them. It was then that Zach realized they didn't have any privacy and he had embarrassed Sharona. Zach said, "Sorry Shar I just got carried away." Sharona gave Zach a smirk as she said, "So I believe you will be cooking for dad and I tonight?" Zach smiled as he nervously rubbed his head and replied, "Sure Shar its not like my dad wants to spend anytime with me." For a brief moment Sharona gave Zach a sad but then quickly hid it with her snobby attitude as she said, "Fine then I forgive you, but you may want to keep that girl away from me or next time your bribe may not work."

Zach rubbed his head nervously as he replied, "I'll ask her to not cause you any trouble." Sharona looked away and said, "Fine and make it quick. I don't want you flirting with her." Zach then walked over to Caby and said, "Hello my name is Zach. I know we just met and I am seriously asking a lot here. I don't know if you got Shar wet by accident or purpose, but could you please not do it again? She is much easier to be around when she is happy and the last time she lost her temper we got in a lot of trouble."


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