I will make a friend Two

Evolet caught up to Sebastian and fell inline beside him, matching his pace. Sebastians long strides were hard to keep up with though, it was almost like he was trying to get away from her. Evolet felt her heartbeat accelerate. A deep discomfort began to build up in her chest as anxiety slowly spread through her body. Her breathing became quick and shallow as she hurried along, trying not to be left behind. He hadn't slowed down, if anything it felt like he was walking faster now. The pain in her chest was growing, feeding off of her stress. It felt like she had been following him for hours by the time he finally stopped and acknowledged her, giving her a respite from her inner turmoil.

"What's your deal?" He asked, his voice as sharp as a knife.

Evolet's mouth dropped open as she struggled to respond. She had just began to recover from the anxiety attack when he bombarded her with such animosity. "I got to get out of here..." the familiar words crept into her head once again as she instinctively took a step back. Her bushy brown tail began to curve around her body protectively, acting like a shield, as if it could block out the hostile energy Sebastian was radiating. She couldn't handle this, it was just too much for her... She looked into his cold grey eyes and saw absolutely no signs of warmth, only her own reflection. He had completely blocked out the world. Evolet blinked in disbelief, what could have happened to him to make him this way? Those eyes... They reminded her of the eyes of an old dog she had once known. The poor creature had been beaten its whole life by its cruel master. It's eyes were devoid of hope, it had never known the warmth of tender love and kindness. The dog had acted the same way as Sebastian, it tried to keep the pain of the world at bay by biting anything that got too close. Evolet's blue eyes widened in surprise as she realized this. It was the first time she had ever been able to read someone the same way she could read animals. She lifted her chin up, her mission reaffirmed inside her mind. She was going to make Sebastian her friend.

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