On the trail

Gray shurged not wanting them to know his true plan should something happen again. "Well we have a clue at least a sword covered in weird writing. My totally uneducated in this field guess says those have something to do with it." Gray yawned "Kill them the spell I'm guessing takes their power and gives it to the one wielding the sword." Gray said slow trying to fit it together in his head.

"Maybe just destroying the sword would be enough to stop this guy," Zal suggested, having since changed from his flannel pajamas to crisp slacks and a polo top. He was still messing with his hair as they conferred, combing it carefully with a small amount of styling gel. "Regardless of what we have to do ultimately, I'm thinking that getting it away from him is probably the first best step. If it's magical, we can bring it to Sharona's dad to get checked out.

"But even before that," Zal checked his hair in a pocket mirror before putting both mirror and comb away into a small portal. "We have to find this crazy asshole. If he travels on foot, that gives us a smaller search radius than if he, say, has some mystical means of coming or going. The best thing I can think of right now is to go and search Sky's house for clues. I don't know what we're gonna find, but it's all I can think of, although..." He rubbed his chin. "Sharona, do you magical types have some way of like...tracing a magical signature? Can you somehow...pick up the scent at Sky's house and then maybe we can use that to track this guy?"

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