Its Scry time

"Maybe just destroying the sword would be enough to stop this guy," Zal suggested, having since changed from his flannel pajamas to crisp slacks and a polo top. He was still messing with his hair as they conferred, combing it carefully with a small amount of styling gel. "Regardless of what we have to do ultimately, I'm thinking that getting it away from him is probably the first best step. If it's magical, we can bring it to Sharona's dad to get checked out.

"But even before that," Zal checked his hair in a pocket mirror before putting both mirror and comb away into a small portal. "We have to find this crazy asshole. If he travels on foot, that gives us a smaller search radius than if he, say, has some mystical means of coming or going. The best thing I can think of right now is to go and search Sky's house for clues. I don't know what we're gonna find, but it's all I can think of, although..." He rubbed his chin. "Sharona, do you magical types have some way of like...tracing a magical signature? Can you somehow...pick up the scent at Sky's house and then maybe we can use that to track this guy?"

Sharona thought about it for a minute as she swallowed her food and sipped her coffee before she replied, "Well yeah but Daddy is way better at that stuff than me. If its done wrong then it could be very dangerous. However there are many ways to find a source of magic. Since we have one of his swords it is possible to used it as a link to a Scry Spell but that stuff is a bit beyond my skills. However I think I know someone who could help us." Sharona looked at Zach and said, "Zach can get the Demon Skull of Grimshank from daddy'd cabinet and Gray go get the sword." Zach nodded as he fetched the large ape like skull with black bull horns and brought it to the table. Then Zach cleared off the table to make room as Sharona popped her neck and said, "I hope I remember how to do this."

Then Sharona closed her eyes and speaking in a creepy mystical language that sounded reptilian in nature. After Sharona was done the skull began to glow. The eye sockets filled with a pink light as a feminine like voice came from the skull. Hades to Purgatory, Hey girlfriend long time no see even. Where have you been?" Sharona quickly shusshed the skull and said, "Hey GS. Sorry its been so long but Daddy has been keeping me busy with other stuff. Anyhow my friends and I are in a bit of trouble." Grimshank replied, "Hades to Purgatory, Of course I'll help you sweety even. Is that cute boy still staying with you?" Sharona smirked as she said, "Can we talk about this in private much much later on?" Grimshank replied, "Oh I get it sweety. So what did you need help with?" Sharona had Gray put the sword on the table before the skull as she said, "The owner of this sword tried to kill us and we need to know how to find him or at least keep our distance from him till we can come up with a plan to take him down." Grimshank looked at the sword and said, "Hades to Purgatory. Are you sure you want to get more involved with this bad seed even? Sharona looked at the others then replied, "We don't really have a choice GS. this is the second time he attacked."

Grimshank sighed and then replied, "Very well even, then I'll make you a Scry map to give you the location of your attacker. Hey Zachy-poo could you fetch me some items even? I'll need a red candle, yellow candle, orange candle, green candle, blue candle, purple candle, indigo candle, purple candle and ummmmmmm oh yeah a map of area. Oh and Shar baby can I get one of Zachy-poo's treats? They simply smell divine even." As Zach went to fetch the candles and the map, Sharona fed a Kolachie to the skull. The Kolachie simply vanished in the mouth of Grimshank as he replied, "Oh Hades to Purgatory, sweety if you don't marry that boy I will. His cooking gets better every time I taste it even." Sharona blushed as she replied, "We can talk about that stuff later ok." Grimshank moaned as he savored the taste of the food. After a few minutes Zack returned with the box of supplies and began removing them on the box and placing them on the table.

Grimshank said, "Well done Zachy-poo even. Now place the candles in a ring, around the map in the order stated, starting pointing east, and going clockwise and put the sword on the map to link it. Ok even. Now Shar baby I need you to follow my instructions exactly ok baby?" Sharona nodded as she replied, "Ok."

Grimshank said, "Light the candles starting with red and ending with blue, visualize the chakra relevant to color and imbue the candle with the color as you light it Say this chant As you light the red one

By the fire of his soul, I call candle light to guide me, so that the attacker must be found. Create a spirit ball of feelings in the candle, and let it burn with the candle for a moment

Before you light it even, have the match or lighter lit before starting to speak even.

Once the red candle is lit, you may light the others with the ball of magic generated by your spirit even, giving each a specific way to help.

By the Stars in his soul, I call Starlight to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found.

Light candle and let the spirit ball linger a moment even.

By the scent of his soul, I call smell to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found

Light candle and let the spirit ball lingers moment even.

By the heart of his soul, I call instinct to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found.

Light candle and let the spirit ball linger a moment even.

By the voice of his soul, I call knowledge to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found.

Light candle and let the spirit ball linger a moment even.

By the eye of his sould, I call auroras to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found.

Light candle and let the spirit ball linger a moment even.

By the gods of his soul I call gods to guide me, so that the attacker, must be found.

Light the final candle and place ball in middle of map, as map begins to catch, create a Thought Form of the attacker while holding the ball, and make the ball the Thought Form of the attacker before you break it free of the ball slowly, so that it stays connected even. Hades to Purgatory, this spell will guide you to the person you seek even. As you look at the map you will now notice a small glowing light that represents the person you seek even. As long as they are in the parameters of the map even, you may easily find them. However even should your attacker leave the city or this plane of existence you will need another map even. " Grimshank then blew out the candles and said, " Well sweetums can we get back to girl talk now?" Sharona rolled her eyes up as she replied, "Fine. Zach can you clean up and can the rest of you not do anything stupid while I'm gone?" Then Sharona took the skull to her room and closed the door while Zack cleaned up the candles. Then a slightly blushed Zach said, "Well like GS said look at the map to see where they guy is."


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