A stubborn girl

Sebastian awaited Evolets response to his question. He could sense her backing down, it had taken awhile, but it seemed like she was finally starting to understand. He didn't want her anywhere near him. She was nothing but a mongrel, one that he had fed too many times, and now she expected him to give her more. But that was not going to happen. There was no use for her, and it was time to put her down. It already looked like she wanted to run away, he just had to make sure she'd never come back.

"Honestly," he started slowly, his voice full of supremacy, his chin raised and his eyes cast down upon her, "You're nothing but problems. You're a pest, and I should have let them lock you away when I had the chance." He turned and began to walk away, adding over his shoulder, "Something as disruptive as you shouldn't be allowed to walk free."

He took a few more steps before two thin arms wrapped around his waist, and a face pressed against his back. "It's Ok." the words were whispered into the back of his dark grey t-shirt, her breath carried the words through the thin material. He could feel them crawl up his spine. His eyes widened as she tightened her grip around him. He took in a sharp breath, the physical contact triggering something inside of him.

"DONT TOUCH ME!" he snarled.

His body acted on its own, he seized Evolet's wrists roughly and tore them off of him. He pulled her arms out wide before letting go of her left, allowing him to grab her right with both hands. In one fluid motion, he braced himself, widening his stance and twisting his right shoulder in, forcing Evolets light body off the ground and over his back. Evolet, with her inhuman reflexes and agility, managed to lock her legs around Sebastian's neck as he threw her, which sent them both tumbling to the ground. As they rolled away from one another, Sebastian felt himself calming down. He was still breathing heavily, but now that her hands where off of him he began to think clearly again. He slowly stood up. Evolet was already on her feet, her blue eyes were locked on his, a passion burning deep inside of them. Sebastian scanned his surroundings, other students were gathering around them. The last thing he needed was this much attention. Evolet was inching closer to him already, and Sebastian realized that she wouldn't back down. Masochist. The word crossed his mind in the form of a bad joke. For some reason this girl would not leave him alone, no matter how cruel he was to her. Sebastian thought for a moment, then sighed heavily. It looked like he would have to get to know her. He'd have to find whatever was driving her and break it when she let him close enough.

Sebastian moved to Evolet. She flinched from him at first, but didn't back away as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her, taking her away from the gathering crowd and towards his dormitory.

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