A Plan to Action

As you look at the map you will now notice a small glowing light that represents the person you seek even. As long as they are in the parameters of the map even, you may easily find them. However even should your attacker leave the city or this plane of existence you will need another map even. " Grimshank then blew out the candles and said, " Well sweetums can we get back to girl talk now?" Sharona rolled her eyes up as she replied, "Fine. Zach can you clean up and can the rest of you not do anything stupid while I'm gone?" Then Sharona took the skull to her room and closed the door while Zack cleaned up the candles. Then a slightly blushed Zach said, "Well like GS said look at the map to see where they guy is."

Zal looked down, and traced his finger over the map, stopping where the glowing point of light was. "I know where that is. He's at the Heroes Memorial park. See? He's near the garden where they have all the statues of heroes that died in combat. I know exactly where that is. Question is, what's he doing there?"

"That skull reminds me of Snagglepuss" Grayson said. Gray stood up and picked up the sword "well I'm apposed to destroying it despite its evil nature, this guy is calculating and its likely he plans for us to destroy it." Gray commented staring at the dried blood "for all we know destroying this sends an almost beacon to the other sword." he added

Sky sat there not sure what to say until "we should go to my house and look around before dad cleans up. He's gonna have Shifter (a time manipulative hero) turn back the house before it got wrecked." Sky said.

"Right so, here's what I think we should do..." Zal sat back and steepled his fingers. "Gray, Zach, you two go with Sky back to her dad's house. The three of you scope out the house, see if you can find anything interesting before Shifter fixes everything. Meanwhile, I'll open a portal to the park and take Sharona with me. She can send some of her ghosts to keep an eye on Swordy-McBadass and we'll 'port out of there. Then, hopefully her ghosts can spy on him and give us an idea of what he's up to, and where he goes, and junk like that. Once we have more intel, we'll come up with a plan to put the smackdown on him. Sound good?"

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