Arthur said, "We have to fix it. Tell the mistress that I, as Constance's husband, say she must go or allow the real Constance's mind to heal. This is not a negotiation, but a demand."


"Hendrix!" Mica said, tackling him. "Stop! Do you see what just happened?! He was right! Something is wrong with our heads! We need to figure out what that is before we can even begin to save the kids!"


Bethany smiled at Tene and said, "You are a bad boy. I like that."

"Mama," Trailblaze said. "It's not nice to hurt people. Aunt Amelia is right to get on to Tene."

"Disappointments should be quiet at all times," Bethany said.


Perra looked at him like she was going to fight him. And she planned on it.


Lisa said, "That's good. At least you are making an effort." She pointed to a man forcing himself on a woman. He was in a ripped business suit and she was naked, in pain, beneath him as he pounded into her. "Others are only getting worse. He doesn't even recognize his own daughter with all that dust on her."


Rhia said, "I'm a wanderer, searching the wastes for food to trade when I can, but also searching for a way to fix this world. It was to find a man who showed me the truth, but the fantasy was better than the reality. So, I just changed my goal. We are incompatible."

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