One of Arthur’s men spoke from the doorway. “She’s gone, sir. Disappeared and asking around no one seems to recall her being in our group when we left the LZ.”

~ ~ ~

“We’ll see how long your resolve holds true,” Ragnar said with a grin. He stood and stretched. “Bed down for the night men. Two on watch, four hour rotating shifts through the night.” He turned to Perra and unhooked her rope from where it was tied and used it like a leash. “Time for bed,” and proceeded to lead her to a tent made up for him. He began undressing. “I can be a caring master… so I’ll let you decide tonight. Which hole do you want it in?”

~ ~ ~ ~

“You, mister goody-goody, would make love to your own mother?” Tenebris asked in shock.

~ ~ ~

“What if we put on a show for you that excites you and you please yourself?” Hendrix asked, trying to come up with another way for her to come in.


“Sounds tempting. Women as sex-slaves, children as minions, men as meat. We like a challenge, don’t we boys?!” Andre asked the group and cheers arose from around them. “But this all begs the question…what to do you the two of you?”

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