The man left at once, could be heard calling to another to go a different way and was soon gone.

Constance moaned in agony. “My love…my love, are you there my love?”


Ragnar let her get it. “If you think you’ll kill me with that butter scraper, you’re free to try,” he said withdrawing a much, larger blade from his sheath. “If you intend to take your own life… I’m sure the men can find a use for your corpse and once they are done, we’ll just eat you too…”


“Marry? What do I look like, the husband type? I’m am the Seed of the Darkness, incarnate and evil embodied on this plane!” Tenebris proclaimed to no one in particular.


Rand paused and considered the options. “If you think you could, I’d like you to f*ck Dale, to death… literally. Then, force the female to mate the other male… I want them to breed, to bear more children I can steal from them.”


“Let us?” the man (Andre) asked. “You think you could stop us? What would stop us from doing that anyway? And besides… why would you be willing to ‘give’ yourself for this whelp of a man?

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