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Summary: Magical adviser to King Arthur, now teaching young wizards and studying advanced magic.


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Gender: Male

Age: 1280

Group: Teachers





Rank/Title(if any)

Headmaster of the HSMB

Physical Appearance

Tall, bearded man, with grey hair and a kind smile is a good description. Spectacles sit upon my face. I'm usually in my robes, but not always.
height of 5'9"

Personality and interests

Books are how I fill my free time! If I don't have a book in front of me, I'll usually be helping students and teachers out around the school.


Ah... Yes, I'm Merlin from the King Arthur stories... Although, he and I were around the same age, so I wasn't old and grey then.

Favourite Sayings

"Avada Kevadra? You have seen nothing."

Magic abilities (3 max please)

All the approved fields of magic that are allowed by the school board. (1000+ and counting.)

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A tribute to EpikMudkip original game founder

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Image of Merlin
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